Fayetteville named a ‘Best Neighborhood for the Money’


A recent survey compiled by NeighborhoodScout.com and reported by walletpop.com looked at that nation’s 20 largest metro areas to determine the Best Neighborhoods for the Money. And in the sprawling region of metro Atlanta it was Fayetteville that was selected.

The north side of the city was the target area where the median house values were listed at $235,695 compared to a cost of $420,399 in comparable premium neighborhoods in other cities in metro Atlanta, according to the survey. The discount price for a home in Fayetteville averaged 44 percent, according to the survey.

“It was wonderful to be selected. And it shows what a great place Fayetteville is to live and work,” said City Clerk and Administrative Services Supervisor Anne Barnard. “It was a very nice surprise. We were tickled about the nice write-up and the selection.”

Geographer and NeighborhoodScout.com creator Andrew Schiller said that these are not the least expensive neighborhoods, but rather premium neighborhoods at remarkable bargain prices for their metropolitan area.

“Best neighborhoods for the money are neighborhoods that combine many premium qualities, including excellent public schools, low crime rates, many large, owner-occupied single family homes, and neighbors with four-year college degrees, master’s degrees, MDs or PhDs, but where median home prices are surprisingly low compared to other premium quality neighborhoods in the area,” said Schiller. “Using these quantitative criteria, NeighborhoodScout discovered great options for real people right in the metro areas in which many Americans live and work.”

Among the other metro areas surveyed Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Tampa, Washington, D.C., San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, Denver, Seattle and Phoenix.