Bost throws his support to Brown against Smith for County Commission Post 4


Two candidates running against incumbent Fayette County Commission Chairman Jack Smith have decided to combine their efforts to defeat Smith with one dropping out of the race.

Former Peachtree City Mayor Steve Brown will continue as Smith’s lone Republican opponent as former Commissioner Harold Bost has decided to withdraw. Bost has until next week to officially withdraw so that his name does not show up on the ballot.

Brown and Bost announced early Friday afternoon that Bost would be throwing his full support to Brown.

“Harold and I realized, both together and in conversations with our friends, that as much as we wanted to get rid of Jack, we would split the vote between us,” Brown said. “So I’m grateful to Harold for giving me this opportunity. And we’re going to push it. We’re ready to go.”

Bost agreed, noting the enhanced opportunity for Smith’s victory in a runoff between Smith and Brown.

“And it would enhance (Smith’s) chances of winning, especially in a runoff because his folks get out with their group and vote,” Bost added. “I feel like this offers a better chance to get to Smith without us splitting the vote.”

Brown said he and Bost are “eye to eye” on the major issues, adding that they are getting a team together to take on Jack Smith and Commissioner Eric Maxwell in Post 5.

“I’ll be behind Steve 100 percent, financially and out there working,” Bost said.

Adding another aspect to the upcoming races, Brown said he and Bost had spoken with Post 5 candidate and Lee’s Mill Road resident Allen McCarty regarding his bid to defeat Maxwell.

“I think we can get a team together to defeat Smith and Maxwell,” Brown said, followed by Bost, who said he was also behind McCarty 100 percent.

Brown said issues such as the “audacity” of trying to pass the 1-cent sales tax initiative defeated by voters last year amounts to a slap in the face to citizens, especially in terms of introducing some of the projects at the last minute.

“This is going to be a battle,” Brown said. “Smith has got a lot of special interest folks at the Bank of Georgia that was created by some of the best known developers in the area. We know his base and his yearning to keep things like the West Fayetteville Bypass going. And with our effort, we are ready to go.”

The Republican Primary will be July 20. The winners in the primary races for the two county commission posts face no Democratic opposition in the November General Election.

According to Fayette County Elections Supervisor Tom Sawyer, Bost has until May 12 to furnish a notarized statement in order to have his name removed from the ballot. Sawyer said early voting begins on June 7.