PTC family gets ‘Backyard Blitz’ improvement


It was nothing short of a picturesque make-over in the backyard of Tim and Kim Ruck in Peachtree City. The transformation of the Ruck’s backyard last week into a suburban garden will be featured later this month on the Do It Yourself (DIY) Network’s new show Backyard Blitz.

Tim said the whole thing unfolded after they heard about the new television show from a friend who had contact with another production. Kim and Tim contacted the DIY Network for more information and ended up on the BackYard Blitz long list for consideration.

The process that went from consideration to selection included submitting videos, photos and, later, phone interviews, said Tim.

“They narrowed it down and picked us,” Tim said smiling. “It went really fast. They interviewed us over four days and then it happened like a whirlwind. And we’re ecstatic.”

Once it started, the backyard blitz held true to its name, taking less than three days to complete. The Ruck’s backyard became a construction area filled with up to 60 people that included family, friends, construction crews and, of course, film crews from DIY.

Tim said he and Kim had no expenses in the work that was originally estimated at $10,000-15,000 but, in the end, exceeded that amount.

“Everything was from DIY, Pavestone in Tyrone and from the donations of decking, plants, furniture and other materials that came from the Home Depot in Peachtree City,” Tim said.

Once complete, the Ruck family’s backyard had a new deck, new pavers around the swimming pool that was already in place, a stone retaining wall that swept around the rear of the pool, an array of outdoor furniture and a wealth of plants that left the backyard looking like a garden.

“We worked like dogs for three days, but man did it pay off,” Kim said beaming, as she sat on the stone wall that gently arcs through the middle of the backyard.

Backyard Blitz premieres April 26 at 8 p.m. on the DIY Network.