Burglars make quick, clean getaway at Best Buy


Fayetteville Police are asking for information on the theft of several iPods in an after hours burglary March 17 at the Best Buy store at the Fayette Pavilion.

Video surveillance cameras showed that three black males wearing hoodies and masks were in the store at 10:40 p.m. for approximately two minutes before fleeing, said police spokesperson Jeff Harris. A number of iPods were stolen in that two-minute period, Harris said, as officers responded to the location from the alarm call.

The men had gained entry to the store by driving a Chevy Impala backwards through the store’s bay doors in the installation area at the rear of the store, Harris said. From there they gained entry into the main store area.

Harris said it unknown how the three men fled the scene, adding that the car had been left in the installation bay.

Several tags were found in the vehicle that carried a Florida identification plate, Harris said. No one has reported the car stolen, he said.

Anyone with information on this burglary is asked to contact Det. Whitlow at 770-461-4441.