D&H Distributing promotes ‘Go Green’ efforts


D&H Distributing, the major North American computer products and consumer electronics distributor, with a major warehouse location in northeast Coweta County, has stepped-up its commitment to environmental conservation. The company has created several practical initiatives for its customers and its internal employees, persuading them to follow eco-friendly procedures and purchase environmentally conservative merchandise. This includes a promotion that rewards D&H’s customers for purchasing Earth-friendly technologies to resell to the small business community.

Other “Go Green” program efforts include a recycling plan for the proper disposal/reuse of customers’ electronic equipment, in-house recycling of tons of materials, and the incorporation of energy-efficient mechanisms at each D&H facility.

For the Earth Day 40th Anniversary promotion, once a D&H customer purchases a goal number of Earth-friendly products, he or she is entered for a chance to win a Grand Prize of a hybrid automobile to be awarded on Earth Day, April 22. The promotion has already resulted in the sale of more than 1.5 million eco-friendly items, and close to 1,900 customers have qualified for the chance to win the car.

By promoting the sale of “green” technologies, D&H hopes to help drive the proliferation of ecologically-conservative, energy-efficient office environments, both nationally and locally. Premier sponsors of the Earth Day anniversary promotion include Intel, Lenovo and Samsung.

In addition to the Earth Day program, D&H is offering its customers an incentive to properly recycle their used electronic equipment. In conjunction with a company called Engaged Recycling, D&H customers across the country can get VISA gift cards for the value of products they trade-in for recycling.

“We take our social and environmental responsibilities seriously at D&H, so the team wanted to devote a program to encouraging accountability, as opposed to focusing on sales,” said Jeff Davis, senior vice president of sales at D&H Distributing. In addition, D&H recycles literally tons of paper, wood, cardboard and plastic at each of its four national warehouses. The company uses cold-seal technologies, plus “dimensional logic” and recycled packing material, to reduce waste in the shipping process. Each of its four national facilities features energy-efficient lighting and automation.

The distributor carries more than 4,000 “green-certified” products, ranging from low-energy consumption notebooks to high-capacity hard drives. Such merchandise can be easily identified on D&H’s ordering site through green icons and a specialized online search tool. Green products are defined as using less power, incorporating renewable resources, being ENERGY STAR- or RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances)-compliant, or having some other ecologically-conservative attribute.

For more information on the overall program, visit https://www.dandh.com/v4/view?pageReq=landing-promotion&utm_source=NS&ut…