What’s being pumped into those LP tanks?


As you well know, all of us are going through hard times; money is short. I want to know through your newspaper if anyone other than me is having problems with LP gas.

I know the weather is colder, but we are using our furnace the same amount of time, but the gas only lasts for days instead of a month like it used to, and the price per gallon is 2.89.

That means 100 gallons of LP gas cost almost $300, and for the elderly retired people who live on $600 a month, that leaves little for food and meds.

I think the LP gas people are delivering gas that is mostly air. It may look like you get 100 gallons of gas, but it’s not happening. Who regulates these people?

One of my neighbors went through $500 of gas in about 15 days and had to order again to keep the water pipes from freezing. I would love to know if others are in the same boat.

Maybe we can get a group to go to the Governor’s office and get something done before we all go broke and hungry.

LeGay Saul

Fayetteville, Ga.