In praise of PTC’s Imker


Recently John Munford wrote a wonderfully written article, “Councilman: PTC has too many workers” (The Citizen, Feb. 3, 2010). At a time where spending has gotten so out of control with federal and local governments, [Councilman Eric] Imker brings common-sense economics back. This lone wolf seems to be making a huge splash for a newly-elected councilman, one that was way overdue.

I praise Imker’s tough stance on cutting taxes, balancing budgets, and cutting spending. I applaud Imker on his lone voice that we don’t need to enlarge the Ga. Highway 54 golf cart bridge.

I mean, is it so inconvenient that a person could not wait the 60 seconds for a golf cart to get across the bridge? Instead we want to spend $851,000 to solve this problem. This is beyond absurd.

The entitlement mentality in this nation turns my stomach. If you don’t have the money, you can’t spend the money.

Imker gets it. Every citizen in this county should be throwing their full support behind this common-sense councilman. May we have more like him get elected into every position.

Let’s hope the citizens of this county get it, too, and start electing officials with the same tough stance on wasteful spending.

Arwen Mullikin

Fayetteville, Ga.