Information sought for book on former Training School


Work has begun on publishing a book on the former Fayette County Training School, which existed from 1955 to 1968. After integration in 1968, it became the Fayette County Junior High School and later East Fayette Middle School.

For various construction issues, the building could not be enlarged and a new school was built, opening in the Fall of 2009, the Inman Middle School.

A 1964 graduate of the Training School, Janice Taylor Gates, and myself are putting together all the information we can get for a book on not only the Training School, but the location of Black schools in the county prior to 1955.

Gates has obtained a photo of each graduating class except for 1967 and the one on file for 1962 is not a good one. Hopefully someone can lend the items needed.

If you have any information at all on the location of schools throughout the county prior to 1955 your help would be much appreciated.

If you would be willing to be interviewed for this project, or have any information, please call Janice Taylor Gates at 770-461-6601 or Carolyn Cary at 770-461-7152.