The little grinches who stole lights


This goes out the the person(s) who felt it was within their right to walk up on my lawn and destroy my holiday decorations: Thank you for ruining my family’s wonderful holiday tradition and for causing my children to be in tears because you had to vandalize some of their favorite decorations.

In the evening of Dec. 11, some little delinquent(s) came onto my property in the Kedron Hills neighborhood and ripped apart a big polar bear that was on my lawn. They stole its head and threw the rest of its body across the street. Then they proceeded to pull the head off the small bear and they took bulbs out of lights that were strung in my trees.

You may be thinking this was a cute prank, but to me, this was trespassing, vandalizing and stealing from my property and if I find out who did this, I will be prosecuting.

It is a sad day when you can’t put out holiday decorations. My question is for the parents, “Do you know where your kids are at night and what they are doing?” because your children are your responsibility and ultimately it will be you who pays for these damages.

I think you should also teach your children that ringing and running, although it seems like a harmless prank, is also a crime.

So from now on there will be no holiday decorations put outside at my home. How sad is that for my own children? And if your child was ignorant enough to bring home the stolen bear head, return it to us.

Tracie Phillips-Malin

Peachtree City, Ga.