Group shoplifting thwarted at F’ville Target


Incidents of shoplifting are common around Christmas. A lot less common, though, is a group effort like the one at the Fayetteville Target last week in which a store employee and three women were all arrested for stealing.

Charged with shoplifting were Fayetteville residents Fredricka Y. Douglas, 45, her daughter Charlisha J. Douglas, 17, Clarice W. Hall, 17 and Target employee Robin S. Okwuosa, age 18, according to police records. Fredricka Douglas was also charged with possession of prescription drugs not in an appropriate container, records said.

The incident occurred Dec. 17 when police were called to the Target by the company’s security department, said Fayetteville Police spokesperson Steve Crawshaw. Officers arrived to find the four women in the Target security area.

Officers were told that Fredricka and Charlisha Douglas and Clarice Hall were in possession of a total of 89 cosmetics, electronic, clothing and accessory items after going through the check-out line, Crawshaw said. Target security told officers that Okwuosa, a store employee, was being monitored for voiding large numbers of items at the register, Crawshaw said.

“All were involved in shoplifting,” said Crawshaw.

Crawshaw said a search of the women at the jail revealed that Fredricka Douglas was carrying several pills in her purse. The pills, identified as codeine and hydrocodone, were wrapped in tissue paper instead of being in the required container, Crawshaw said.