Tea Party trips to D.C.: Was it worth my time?


I just wanted to ask the people that read your paper, “What are you doing for your country?”
I went to Washington, D.C., with some other tea party patriots twice this year. I was asked many times, “Was it worth it?“
Before I answer, first let me tell you what one of the dates, a Thursday, could have involved, instead of going to Washington.
· For starters it was my youngest daughter’s 21st birthday. I was not there to celebrate it.
· I gave up a scheduled full day’s work. I lost money.
· I had promised to be at my wife’s spinning class. I wasn’t.
· I had a scheduled doctor’s visit to discuss an upcoming surgery. I canceled it.
My God-given country is being destroyed, our Cm ,onstitution is being killed, the land of the free (the beautiful America), a future for my children, is rapidly falling into the hands of socialists. Every second of a day that a patriot does not do something to gain our country back is crucial.
My children are proudly serving our country (Army and Marines), or is it just my country?
So, if my brave children don’t mind getting shot at by coward Muslims, that don’t wear a military uniform, hide behind children, women, mosques, and yes, ignored and left behind by their government, I do not mind not shutting up.
What are you doing to get your country back? Talking or walking?
So, when asked, “Was it worth it?” — you’re darn right it was.
My children’s future, my family’s future, your future depends on it. Is it worth it to you?
The contents of this letter was intended to be what it is and written by
E. Woody Eturralde
Sharpsburg, Ga.