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UPDATED: Random burglary ends in murder of disabled woman, 44

UPDATED for print, 08-15-12 — Sheriff’s investigators are continuing to work leads and analyze evidence relating to the Friday morning murder of a 44-year-old disabled Fayette woman at her grandmother’s home north of Tyrone and close to the Fulton County line.

Donna Denise Roberts, 44, was shot to death by a burglar who was discovered in the home when Roberts and her 78-year-old grandmother returned from running errands, officials said. The shot was fired as the suspect’s silver or gray passenger car fled the scene, officials said.

As of late Tuesday morning, it appears that the burglars targeted the home at random and did not know the family, said Sheriff’s Investigator Brent Rowan.

There was evidence that the burglar or burglars attempted to take items from the home, Rowan said. The sheriff’s department has been working with multiple law enforcement agencies in the area following leads in the case, he added.

A reward has been offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the persons responsible for the killing. Anyone with information is asked to call notify Detective Josh Shelton at the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office at 770-716-4750 or 770-716-4777 or at

Roberts and her grandmother spotted the burglars as they approached the front door of their home at 192 Bohannon Road, and at some point the burglars fled from the back door to a nearby vehicle, officials said.

As the car sped away, Roberts was felled with one gunshot fired from the getaway car, officials said. She was pronounced dead at the scene, officials said.

Roberts lived at the home on Bohannon Road with her 78-year-old grandmother due to the fact that Roberts was both physically and mentally handicapped and required constant care, Rowan added.

In addition to posting a radio lookout for the vehicle with other law enforcement agencies, the sheriff’s office crime scene unit collected and is analyzing physical evidence from the area.


UPDATED Monday 3:15 p.m.

A 44-year-old Fayette woman was shot to death Friday morning after she and her grandmother found burglars inside their home just north of Tyrone, officials said.

Donna Denise Roberts, 44, and her 78-year-old grandmother were returning from running errands shortly after 11 a.m. when they spotted an unknown number of suspects inside the house as they approached the front door of their residence at 192 Bohannon Road, said Fayette County Sheriff’s Inv. Brent Rowan.

It is believed the suspect(s) also exited the residence using a rear door and fled to an awaiting vehicle. The suspect vehicle is being described as a possible four-door grey or silver passenger car, Rowan said.

As the car sped away, one of the suspects fired at least one shot that struck and killed Roberts, who was pronounced dead at the scene, Rowan said. The victim lived at the home on Bohannon Road with her 78-year-old grandmother due to the fact that the victim was both physically and mentally handicapped and required constant care, Rowan added.

In addition to posting a radio lookout for the vehicle with other law enforcement agencies, the sheriff’s office crime scene unit collected and is analyzing physical evidence.

Fayette County Investigators are urging anyone with information in this case to please contact the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office. A reward is being offered for information which leads to the arrest(s) and conviction of the suspect(s) in this case.

Anyone with information about the crime is asked to notify Detective Josh Shelton at the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office at 770-716-4750 or 770-716-4777 or at


It is such a shame that the scum keep flooding our county with their criminal activities. So many of us left Clayton and Fulton County to escape this kind of thing and it is getting to the point where we may have to move again...

Don't you get's this "let's move further away" attitude espoused by spineless whites that lets this type of criminality run rampant. Don'
t be such a pu**y. Stand up for your community. What message does it send to the criminals (read blacks from neighboring counties, yeah that's right) when you run away with your tail tucked between your legs? This is our community, doesn't that mean anything to you? Take some pride and ownership in your community for Christ's sake. This is nothing new, it's happened before. Read up on your history. Are we doomed to repeat it? Sadly, it looks that way. Realize that the "racist" label means nothing anymore. In today's day and age anyone who doesn't support unfettered rights for all, including the single mother I saw at the Braelinn Kroger tonight with 5 kids using WIC to pay for her progeny, is deemed a racist. All it takes is a few people to stand up and speak their mind. It's not all lost yet....but the day is rapidly approaching. As early as 2007 I warned that this was bound to happen and I was called a racist. Don't you get it, that word means NOTHING anymore. My God, we're giving it all away, and for what? Think about it.

PTC Avenger, I would agree with you after several qualifications. We enjoy an excellent police department here in PTC. And part of their success is due to strong community support. I enjoy a relatively safe neighborhood, in very large part due to my PTC neighbors. I have not always enjoyed such a dynamic. My move to PTC occurred after a long fight against crime in Atlanta (Dekalb county). I lived in a neighborhood with a significant population of democrats. After several physical confrontations (all of which I came out the victor), 5 break-ins, and 1 auto theft I had decided enough was enough. I have high resolution photos and video of the burglaries, including one still of a teenaged democrat with a pistol in hand walking across my living room (I carry this photo with me to this day as a constant reminder of what I may walk into my own home to find). I identified some of the burglars (who lived only 2 blocks away). An arrest was never made. The list of excuses by the APD is too long to mention here. Neighbors refused to get involved or speak to the police in fear of retaliation. I once regretted not having caught them in my home for a real showdown. Today I know that in a democratic stronghold I would have been made evildoer and the gun-toting victim of my oppression would have been an heroic lamb slaughtered at the hands of a white man. So I ask you, PTC Avenger, how many more beat downs, how many more sets of bloodied knuckles, how many more years of checking for a loaded chamber and powered up security cameras before going to bed would I have to endure before I am no longer a "pu**y"?

Republican against Democrat; Black against white; men against women; poor against rich; Christian against anyone who isn't. - our enemies don't need super powerful weapons to defeat Americans, we're our own worse enemy. Our fight is against law breakers - whatever the color! I guess that now that we have a 'black' president, and some believe that only blacks and democrats kill - they are the enemy. Well the Sikhs are better 'Christians' than some in this discussion, and I guess I'd better tell my sons and grandsons the 'whites' are on the war path. . . beware, be armed. With the 'stand your ground' attitude, your skin color can get you killed. Martin, these people are crazy. Yet I know you would still preach non-violence today. God help us. Save us from ignorant racists and white supremacists, and black, violent separatists. May our pastors preach wisdom and American brotherhood on Sunday; may our law enforcement do their job; and please muzzle the ignorance spoken out of understandable fear. The enemy is the criminal - he may be any color or religion. Remember, the law enforcement officer who is willing to put his life on the line for you here in FC may be any color, religion or sex!
God help us - he/she may even be a democrat!

Fact is that we have a huge amount of multi-generational people that are ENSLAVED by government. Fact is that over 70% of all black mothers gave birth last year out of wedlock. Fact is that these children ARE being raised to hate. Most do not want to work because they are not being raised to work. They are being raised to hate with an entitlement attitude. They ignorantly vote "Democrat" thinking that the Dems have their best interest in mind. For a few hundred bucks a month they are willing to give away their freedoms. The "Old DEmocrat Party" is gone, the "New Dem's are here and it is not good for the working citizens. They blame those people who have worked and succeeded. They blame them for 18th and 19the Century Slavery when in reality nobody alive today ever owned a slave. They are too stupid to do the research and see who enslaved them in the first place. For centuries, Black Muslim Africans were the primary slave masters who sold the slaves to many countries for labor. As I have written before, all people commit crimes, we are sinful by nature. Sadly, we have an epidemic of crime by young black men in the US. It will get worse before it gets better.

PTC Observer's picture

do realize that this is a board with participants of shallow reasoning AND political hacks towing the party line of their choice?

Then you come along and post FACTS, please don't confuse this board with facts, you'll be called a racist at the very least.

We are indeed sinful by nature and as DM's great aunt says "the preservation of freedom takes vigilance". No truer words were ever spoken.

Very well put

What are you and Joe doing about the white separatists - one just killed Sikhs in their temple. There are
more hate groups in Georgia, CA, Alabama. and Mississippi today than in the 60's. Rehabs are filled with young white men and women. There is a sick culture among our youth regardless of color. Your statements can be found on any 'hate' website . We know who you are - raised by parents who failed at the moral integrity lessons.
Read rmoc more reasoned response .

There are more hate groups in NJ, NY, MA, IL, and CA than anywhere on the planet. There are no higher murder rates than the death centers in these states. That's simple math. Being from Chicago I can say that the any of the most extreme rednecks of the south cannot compare to the larger orgainized churches on the shores of Lake Michigan. And having gone to school in Boston, I can say that there is no more viscous cauldron of hate than Bean Town. Get over your stereotypes and leave that to the white supremacists.

I appreciate the irony DM. You point out the SPL, which is a radical hate group, as some sort of self-deprecating comment.

FAIR advocates "7 Principles of True Comprehensive Immigration Reform":
1. Reduce the flow of immigrants
2. No legalization
3. No Guest-Worker Program
4. Protect Wages and Standards of Living
5. More Enforcement
6. No Asylum
7. Immigration Time Out (Very strict immigration only for "a narrowly focused refugee resettlement program" and limit family reunification each year)
The FAIR website contains a detailed explanation of each principle and why FAIR considers each one important.[17]

You do the research and form your own opinion.

It seems that a lot of the violence white or black is from "STUPID" people..You bet the idiot who attacked the Sikh temple thought he was attacking Muslims. Couldn't even get his darn target right..Black, white or Hispanic it seems that the criminal element is made up of the "stupid" and the "mean". Some folks are born stupid or mean unfortunately lazy and mean parents are creating a generation of predators and even worse the kind of folks that breed this kind of child have more kids than the upstanding responsible Christian (and I mean Christian in attitude, not religion). We are overrun with scum and I salute the children who rise above this environment but we can not fix them after a generation of neglect. Welfare doesn't work but we can't let the children starve. Scumbags sell their EBT cards for tvs and ipods and let the children go hungry. How do we take care of the underclass is the question? It is not just physical neglect but emotional and educational. If kids are raised right there is no guarantee they will succeed but the chances are so much better that they won't be robbing your house. Throwing money at them does not work..

. Honest dedicated foster homes

. Education programs that start at 2 years old for disadvantaged Americans.

. Volunteer work programs that start in the ninth grade for all students to acquire the work ethic.
Private schools ( many) have such participation a requirement for graduation.

. The black community IMO has lost 2-3 generation due to poor parenting, drugs, poor education.
If the truth be told, so has the white community. Too many of your young people from wonderful places like FC are ending up on Hollywood Blvd. selling their bodies and souls to the highest bidder.

. As long as good people see a problem as the other guys responsibility, they will never solve their own. All Americans have this problem. Many still cringe at the hypocrisy of denigrating black girls who deliver children out of wedlock, and celebrating Sarah Palin's daughter. There are moral issues involved that has little to do with race. What happens to that child born out of wedlock is the issue.

. These programs don't require a lot of money, but meaningful volunteer time from a concerned community.

The problem is that horrible parents do not want to get rid of their paychecks, in some cases. Many of these kids would be better of in foster care for sure but it is so difficult to remove children from lousy homes. There are many volunteer outreach groups but they are often hamstrung by the crackhead parents into any real involvement. I know one lady who stopped volunteering as a mentor because of the threats and requests for money from the drug addicted mom even though the child had potential.

How do we get these parents to get their children into private school? The kids that generally are placed in private or charter schools usually have decent although "down on their luck parents" and are the ones who try.

I also disagree with celebrating Sarah Palin's daughter. I believe it was more a statement against abortion and although I disagree with out-of-wedlock mothers there is a difference when you have a good safety net versus living in poverty and expecting the tax payer to foot the bill. Married or not, white or black, if you can't afford the time and money "DON'T HAVE KIDS". As much I love our constitution it would be great if you couldn't get welfare without enforced birth control.

say that with the 2d illegimate birth comes sterilizaton!

make a mistake and deserves a hand up--I also feel if that individual has a family that family should step up and help out. Now the government has taken the place of the family and it is assumed the government should take care of any and everyone. I think when that young girl gets pregnant and wants help both she and the young man who impregnated here should have to meet with someone who explains to them that there will be temporary help for the first child (if the father is unable to supply financial assistance) and at the same time ALL forms of birth control should be discussed. It should then be stated that if any other child is born the state, county, city or whatever will not be responsible for its care. It has become too easy to just keep on having children, doing nothing to prevent it and expecting the government to support it for the next 18-21 years.

Today, in many instances, if a girl gets pregnant she can go to an alternate school with other pregnant girls, once the baby is born it is in a nursery while the mother is in class--the mother comes in several times a day and holds and feeds the baby. During pregnancy the young girl has been given all medical care, now the baby also receives medical care, plus WIC, usually food stamps and all other kinds of freebies. In some instances a first time mother meets girls at the alternate school who are having their second or third child. Where is the deterrent? There is nothing to make these young girls stop and think that they should be taking a different path. Very often, they stay at home rather than seeking employment, daddy comes around once in a while and if he brings a box of diapers the young girls consider this 'taking care of his baby'. Very often he impregnates the girl a second time and again all the freebies are handed out--or a new boyfriend apprears on the horizon and it is the same scenario. There is no shame associated with this anymore, nothing to make these young girls stop and think before getting into these situations. I don't think a young pregnant girl should be thrown out of the family home in disgrace, but I don't think we should keep on accepting this as a way of life. All the social programs in the world will not change anything if we don't take care of this problem. If it is not changed, it will just be perpetuated again and again with the next generation--young uneducated mothers rearing children with no permanent man in the picture, or the children dumped on grandmothers who are too old and tired to deal with all the problems entailed. Sad situation.

Agree with everything you said. BTW, missed not seeing you on Sat--think you would have enjoyed it!

something came up on Friday that I had to take care of and it did not get done in time Sat to meet. How many showed? Did Elfie make it? Did he bring everyone a token bag of concrete or such? Guess I will have to wait til next one to enjoy everyone's company--darn!

Well, things do happen. Yep, Elfie showed up, along with The Wedge, Maj Mike and myself. Ya know, I think Gene Drake is really a good guy who got caught up in an occupational situation and used some unfortunate language and attitude in the process. He was looking forward to meeting you and said so. I am convinced that he regrets saying some of the things he did--we may all share some of that! Perhaps we can have another get-together when Kevin makes it back into town.

Now the important queston, did he pay? If so, sorry I missed that! Just kidding. Sure he is a nice person--I never take personal anything anyone says here. There are just some people I like to "mess with" every now and then on this site. Like our old friend MadMike, who has been laying low for a while. I think he is preparing to run for office---so decided discretion was the better part of valor--but I see he couldn't stay away and is back----won't be long before he sticks his foot in his mouth I am sure---almost made it in his blog about Eric Imker when he stated he had a Master's and a Graduate degree---now for someone who operates a school, I would think he would know that a Master's was one of the Graduate degrees---but I am sure he knew and it was just a little slip up. Oops, there I go again. I promise to be good--that is unless someone gets bad on here and then the fun will begin again . Can't wait for the next coffee--sure hope Kevin can make it--if not we will have to have an adult beverage to toast him. Thanks for keeping us informed.

PTC Observer's picture

"As much I love our constitution it would be great if you couldn't get welfare without enforced birth control."

What does our Constitution have to do with this issue? Please point to the section related to the right to welfare dependency.

Agree with much of what you have shared. In China there is no assistance after the first child. While visiting China, it was shared that in the smaller villages - abortion is the answer. It was also shared that those who could afford it had more than one child - and abortion was not uncommon in the urban areas.

Too many of our children lack 'decent parents' - or parents who would even attend parenting classes unless forced.
No simple answers- but some recognize the problem and are trying to help.

Cyclist's picture

There's a lot of truth in what you noted.

BTW, I'm still shaking my head in disbelief about that church in Jackson, Ms.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

That was such a disappointment. If the couple can forgive and move on - then a lesson has been learned. All believers must protect themselves from lack of moral courage. The majority of the church members were also disappointed. Eternal vigilance! Have a good week.

These are facts....not just opinion!

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[quote=Davids mom] Our fight is against law breakers - whatever the color[/quote]


Now lets go and help our government to round-up those illegals aliens. ;-)

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

In some countries if an american tries to go there they are jailed or killed. The come to the United States and get free education, special interest free loans to open a business, free groceries, free housing and our government wonders why we are in debt!!

Cyclist's picture

Let me put a name and face on the problem......Zeituni Onyango aka Obama's aunt. She's legal now for reasons we'll never know due to the aid of a "pricey" immigration law firm. Oh, this supposedly poor illegal was able to afford this service. (Yeah right) I guess it doesn't matter that she was here illegally for all those years sucking out of the public trough in Massachusetts.

But hey, according to her we have an obligation to make her a citizen. Good gawd, another leach.

And then there is Obama's uncle. More to come. :-)

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

How could anyone vote for a President of the United States who keeps 20 year illegal alien criminals on our streets to commit additional crimes such as DUI?

living free and clear here....the illegal alcoholic criminal bum.

I hear there is a one paragraph add on to Obama's immigrant plan that says, "All illegal relatives of any president with the middle name of Hussain will be granted immunity from prosecution from any crime they commit and can live off the taxpayers of the state they are hiding out in until said president either dies of natural causes or hell freezes over."

Cyclist's picture

Honestly, I don't understand why they need to bother with another court date as we know what the outcome will be. Both he and his sister have already made a mockery of the immigration court system as they were both told to leave and they failed to heed that order. Now his sister is here "legally" sucking on guv tit and he will, after the Dec 3 hearing, walkout with no penalties.

And that my friend, is the "new" American way. (eyes rolling)

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style. right you are.

article below (from yesterday's post) "No preferential treatment". hahahahhahaha...only not funny, not funny at all.

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So sayeth the lawgiver himself.

Coming soon, the POTUS will announce with great trumpet fanfare:

So let it be written.
So let it be done.

Damn, this makes a good movie scene.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

it's coming close to that, isn't it? A country of over 50% sheep, we are, just dirty stinky dumb sheep. baaahhhhhh...

Whatever color! :-)

Not a republican against democrat thing at all. If you are suggesting I was targeted because the democrats somehow divined my political leanings (accurately or not) you could not be more wrong. Do you think the awful tragedy that is the topic of this story was targeted because of her political leanings? I seriously doubt. What I do not doubt is that the perps will be democrats. I am not a republican, and I cannot abide by the ear splitting, life sucking, death metal dirge that is summed in a word, democrat. This is a violent problem. Face it or continue to obfuscate it. Your choice.

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[quote=rmoc]It is such a shame that the scum keep flooding our county with their criminal activities. So many of us left Clayton and Fulton County to escape this kind of thing and it is getting to the point where we may have to move again...[/quote]

You moved here to "escape" and the "scum" soon followed? And now you may have to move again? And then what?

The real shame is that people of your generation and mindset haven't learned a thing in the past 40 years. You are a coward.

Thank God for youth! Don't put all of us over 50 in the same boat. Blacks, whites, Asians, Hispanics in the US are proud Americans - and have joined hands in progressing from abject, lawful racism to where we are today. Fear brings out the evil in us all. Please practice the tolerance and understanding that you have learned. Pass this on to your children. You are the hope for peace in this country. . . for it looks like some have declared war on all blacks and democrats. Now ignorance knows no color, and those who profess to hate/fear the white supremacists are now armed. Who wants this hateful ideology for their political base? Beware of the criminal! The one who killed the Sikhs was not black or a democrat!
Be vigilant-and judge by actions, not skin color!


Is it cowardly to move when crime starts to roll in (or already has)..
My grandparents were one of the last white families to move out of their neighborhood in Hammond Indiana. What put the nail in the head..Their 68 neighbor was repeated raped by 3 men and died from the beating they gave her.
My uncle(25 at the time) was murdered in the neighborhood park by thugs stealing 30$..My great aunt was murdered by thugs trying to rob the restaurant she worked in (in Gary,Indiana). They identified the guys who killed my Great-Aunt but the Gary police wouldn't proceed because the scum were black and the witnesses were white..(since they all look alike to them).

I moved out of Clayton County when people on my block were held up at gun point in the neighborhood, not once but twice. Another women was beaten up by thugs. Sorry, but I am not going to be a martyr to political correctness.

If you are so brave and upstanding move to Southwest Atlanta and turn things around..I would rather protect my family.

And he's voiced his opinion. Have you ever heard of black on black crime? Have you heard of hate crimes perpetrated on minorities by white separatist groups? This is criminals against law abiding citizens. Ignorance and fear will continue to divide Americans by those who refuse to see a neighbor of another color as a neighbor. Wow! This article has brought the few hatrers out of the woodwork.

Again I note my family stuck it out and suffered for it. It just happens that the new neighbors were black which happens in urban areas..If we were out in the rural south we may have the white meth head trailer trash being the main criminal element.

What I truly resented is being called cowardly because I won't stay where crime is rampant..I was in Clayton county when it was majority black and had no problem with it..until the criminal element moved in. We moved (along with a lot of my black neighbors) to areas like Fayette County and the upscale Cascade area of Atlanta. It is about the class of people moving in not the color. It is also not always about the people who move here but their family and associates. There seems to be a attitude of entitlement among some that just because they are poor or unemployed or feel slighted in some way they have the right take "things" by any means necessary and hurt anyone who gets in their way no matter what..In this case at the cost of a women's life.

Again I note my grandparents stuck it out and the family paid a horrible price ...We can try our best to be vigilant but sometimes you may have to retreat. The problem is where to go..It seems that the age of unlocked doors is over in Fayette County and most of the Atlanta area.

some mighty nice property & scenery in Meriwether County!

They too will find their way there.

Newsboy's picture


Newsboy's picture

... terrible schools, high poverty, no jobs, limited retail options and a declining population for the last 80 years. It also has very low property taxes, thanks to a handful of "Boss Hogg" type politicians who rule the county with a plantation mentality. Might as well move to Mississippi!

Thanks for a rational clarification . Some articulated they feared blacks and/ or democrats.

The sad part is most of these crapheads come from other counties. I myself moved my family for the same reasons but unfortunately moving again won't change anything. After these people run their area down they go to other counties.


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