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Tyrone approves sales tax project list

The Town Town Council approved the list of projects that will be undertaken if the two-year core infrastructure one-percent Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST) passes voters’ muster in November. The town expects to receive $2.9 million if the referendum is successful and will use the funds to stormwater, sewer, road sidewalks, road and multi-use paths projects.

Stormwater needs include replacement of corrugated metal culverts on Dogwood Trail and Pendleton Trail, the repair of 20 stormwater structures, replacement of 30 stormwater pipe segments and the restoration of 10 retention ponds in various parks and subdivisions.

Sewer needs include rehabilitation, replacement and repairs to lines, pump stations and manholes through the town.

Road projects include resurfacing Handley Road, Powers Court and Briarwood Road, full-depth reclamation and paving of a portion of Castlewood Road and Senoia Road.

Sidewalk and multi-use path projects include the extension and integration of the path network on Senoia road from the railroad crossing to Millbrook Village, installation of a path from Swanson Road to Pendleton Trail, the acquisition of right-of-way and construction of a path on Tyrone Road from Handley Road to Farr Road and continued sidewalk repairs throughout the town.

The vote to approve the list was unanimous.



Observed one of our county officials purchasing large quantities of supplies for his home or business.

Would think that someone trying to get us to approve a local splost this November wouldn't be seen purchasing their bulk supplies at a Coweta County warehouse club.

Mr. County Official, you lead by example. What happened to supporting our local merchants? How about y'all cut up your warehouse cards at the next county meeting.

Think you could do with dropping your sensitivity antenna a few notches.

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