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New movie theater opens April 22

The grand opening of the new NCG Cinemas at Fischer Crossings is set for this Friday, April 22.

The new NCG Cinemas is located one mile west of Peachtree City off Ga. Highway 54.

NCG Cinemas will provide the premiere movie-going experience with state of the art digital projection and digital sound along with stadium seating in every theater. The NCG Extreme offers a giant 60-foot 3D capable screen and VIP seating.

Other NCG traditions that will be available at the new location include group rates, free refills on all sizes of soft drinks and popcorn and a party room for birthdays or corporate events. $6 tickets are available for most movies Monday-Thursday until 6 p.m., Friday-Sunday until noon and all day Tuesday.

NCG Cinemas is a family-owned theater chain that now has 12 locations nationally and is based in Owosso, Michigan.

All locations offer free refills on all sizes of soft drinks and popcorn.

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Here's the conundrum of the day. Maybe Scott Seymour can answer this one.

Seems the Coweta County attorney, Nathan Lee, said a few weeks ago that the main entrance to Fischers Crossing at 54/34 must be completed before a certificate of occupancy for the theater or any other building can be issued by the Fire Marshal, Jimmy Gantt. He also said the Fire Marshal's office will not recommend a certificate of occupancy (CO) until the entrance at 54 & 34 has been put in.

Since that entrance won't be done by this Friday, for the theater opening, is it going to open without a CO from the Fire Marshal?

If a CO IS issued by the Fire Marshal for this Friday, what changed and why?

And what impact will this have on PTC fire dept., if any? Who has the closest trucks to this development, PTC or Coweta County? I realize there is a mutual aid agreement somewhere, but how does it work, if PTC's trucks are closer and an alarm is called? Anyone tested the response time for both of these fire departments?

Is the only entrance and exit to the theater right now the one on 54 going west toward Newnan, across from the gas station? If so, how would fire equipment from Coweta get in there to answer a call with the median in place, coming east on 54?

Anyone who can answer, feel free.

I can answer all of your questions with one question of my own...

Who gives a crap? Take your family out to movie this weekend and have some fun!!!

Life's too short for all of the whining and complaining below every article on this website.

before this opens makes responsible parents give a crap.

Of course, for those who don't give a crap about whether is life is short, go have a ball. And don't waste any more time reading every article on this website.

[quote=moelarrycurly]And what impact will this have on PTC fire dept., if any? Who has the closest trucks to this development, PTC or Coweta County? I realize there is a mutual aid agreement somewhere, but how does it work, if PTC's trucks are closer and an alarm is called? Anyone tested the response time for both of these fire departments?

Anyone who can answer, feel free.[/quote]

There is a Coweta Fire Station just north of Northgate High School on Fischer Road. I can't speak for how fast they mobilize when they get a call, but I can drive it in about 6 minutes in traffic, so the FD should be able to drive faster than that. Maybe about 10-12 minutes total after receiving a call? Just a guess. But it is probably quicker than anything coming from PTC.

I do hope that Coweta county required the new theater at the west county line to be equipped with steam hoses and chewing gum scrapers to try and keep the building hygienic.
Adults love to drop off their kids, some very young, in those places for a night of frivolity for both.

Outside, a couple of cops must overlook all but blood flowing or they will be overwhelmed!

Maybe the bowling alley could also be built beside the theater, that way the same cops could walk both!

Could we also move the Red Room and Why-Not there?

The price of foodstuffs in those places should also be regulated. A quarters worth of popcorn costs what, $4.00, along with a $3.00 ice and stain? Candy is cheap----$2.50 per ounce.
Adults will skip it, but kids will not.

Cyclist's picture

What was it like...I mean before movies had sound. :-)

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

You really sound like a controlling dumb ass. If you dont like it shut up and stay away. Your an example of someone with a big nose stuck into everyone elses business. Get a life please

shopping center you would not be able to ride your tricycle there. You sure do love the Red Room and Y-Nots. Bet you divide your happy hours between the two and we already know you are always at the Red Room at closing since you always have first hand info as to what happens. As for the food prices, you could break out your old WW1 kit bag and load it with popcorn, candy and drinks from the Dollar Store. You could always tell the usher it is your Man Bag you use to carry all your personables.

NUK_1's picture

Funny because it's so true.

Two comments already, both negative. Regulate candy, run off the riff raff, ohmyGod the PTC fire department could be affected, let's scrape the sidewalks...

People, this is a theater opening, not an invasion from war mongering aliens from space. This is a positive for everyone, including PTC, not a negative. You folks sound like my old maid aunt - afraid of anything and everything that's different.

How about a "hey, won't it be nice to have a modern movie theater close by, one run by a family organization that is committed to higher standards than most..."

I live 3 miles from the theater (in Coweta), and can't wait to see a movie. Most folks feel the same.

Rather that "woe is us," let's welcome these folks to the Southside and enjoy a big step up in local amenities.

By the way, let's also throw a "welcome, neighbor" to Kohl's.

And to think, all this wonderful tax revenue is coming to my county, and not a dime is going to PTC.

are not to be taken seriously. I'll let you take a guess at which one below I'm talking about.

I welcome the theater, but if you don't question the only ingress/egress at this time, you're not looking at it seriously. I'm sure this will change soon enough, but right now, it's a cluster.

Apparently you never heard of the one in Faetteville---shut down twice for de-lousing!

uhhh, seems the sun ain't shining out there now.

read the lead story in the Newnam Times Herald today. Seems, Mr. Seymour might have some bills that are more than 30 days old and the old liens are coming fast.

uhhhh, seems the county might, just might, shut this theater down when the temporary co expires.

uhhhhh, seems the traffic issue is now THE TRAFFIC ISSUE....

uhhhh, if I owned that theater, I'd be talkin' with my attorneys right now.

uhhhh,Kohls, come to PTC, we'll get you in here without all this crap, right up here on the hill with the cell tower.

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Wow, did we read the same article? Here's the one I read:

I sure didn't see anything about the county even vaguely thinking of "shutting the theater down." Matter of fact, the county commission seems to think the theater is doing more than the basic requirements of the temporary CO in regards to the traffic issue.

As far as any liens on Scott Seymour......what does that matter? That isn't going to cause the theater to close or Kohl's to give a damn because neither are affected and neither is this that unusual in any development project for that matter.

Donald Trump is the Tea Party fave and has had several HUNDRED liens filed against his various projects and had several projects file bankruptcy and stiff everyone, also has a lot of pending lawsuits etc., yet he continues on and is the idol of some hopelessly ignorant people. Seymour has a long ways to go to match up to Trump's incompetence and deadbeat status as a developer.

What benefit to Coweta is there in interfering in what the commission wisely stated is a "private matter?" How did you extrapolate all of these possibilities from the Newnan Times-Herald article or are you just totally against Coweta and how they choose to develop their land because it's close to PTC?


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