Like the Battle of Lost Shoes

The faithful came. There were no church houses, no steeples, no pulpits, and no altars. But those who practice a secular gospel, a devotion to boys known as Luke and Bo, poured in and assembled themselves together. It had rained pretty much regularly for the last 30 hours so the mud in the countryside of […]

Proud parents

A friend stopped me in the hallway the other day and asked if I wanted to see the latest pictures of his son. I always say yes to this question. He scrolled through a half dozen pictures on his phone. I smiled as he showed me photos of his son, a toddler, eating spaghetti in […]

The Pope and moral truth

That joking retort we heard as children, “Is the pope Catholic?” is starting to look like a serious question. Asked five years ago about a “gay lobby” in the Vatican, Pope Francis responded, “If a person is gay and seeks God and has good will, who am I to judge?” As judgment was thought to […]

A ‘little’ overweight

Some time ago, during a visit to my doctor, he said, “You know, except for one thing, you’re in pretty good shape.” “Yeah, I know”, I replied. “I’m a little overweight.” Gazing intently into my face, he said, “You need to remove that word ‘little’ from your vocabulary!” Okay. So I’m more than a “little” […]

Grumpy Grandpa’s Summer Camp

The mad scramble for summer camps started about a month ago. How do I know? Everywhere we’ve tried to sign up our two granddaughters staffers say, “We’re full. You should’ve started a month ago.” Not usually one to give up, I’ve decided to give up — give up on signing up at other summer camps. […]

Discipline issues with twins diagnosed with autism

By John Rosemond Question: I am a grandmother with custody of my two grandsons, 6-year-old twins. Because of behavior problems at home and school and difficulties relating to other children (they play and communicate with one another just fine), they have been diagnosed with autism. What is your opinion of the diagnosis and what can […]

Covering Cooter, Part I

Once, when I was a young newspaper reporter, a jaded executive editor who was Yankee to boot, was listening approvingly to a story I was pitching. He leaned back in his swivel chair, locked his hands behind his head and said, “You’re not the best writer I’ve ever encountered but I’ve never seen any reporter […]

Are you Spiritually Blind?

Charley Boswell was a star football and baseball player at the University of Alabama. He played minor league baseball for the Atlanta Crackers in 1941. In WWII, he was blinded when a German artillery shell exploded as he was pulling a crew member from a tank. Boswell rehabbed at an army facility in Philadelphia that […]

Vacation Bible School, Part Two, Top 10

I’m going to echo David Chancey’s excellent article on VBS last week in this spot. Let’s call it “VBS, Round 2, Top 10.” I can’t help it. Vacation Bible School is one of my favorite events all year. No, it’s not mentioned in the Bible per se, but what it is, what it gives to […]

Dirty politics stains the electoral process

It is difficult these days to know when one ought to stand up for the integrity of someone. After all, many of us have lived through the public downfall of leader after leader who claimed to be on the side of integrity, principles, and virtue. Unfortunately, it seems that their failures have caused us to […]