What’s going on today — June 24, 2024


Today’s Wall Street Journal headlines:

• Deadly Counterfeit Air Bags Make Their Way Into Vehicles

• Retirees Gravitate To Funds Marketed As Safer — Investments dubbed ‘boomer candy’ help ease pain of sharp swings in the market

• Rising Hospital Prices Hit Local Economies — Companies shed workers in the year after local hospitals raise their prices, new research found

• GOP Gets Ready To Bash Chicago — Democratic National Convention is expected to draw focus to city’s woes

• The Fevered Economics Of a Coveted Handbag — You could double your money in five minutes by buying a Birkin handbag at your local Hermès boutique and then flipping it

• Car dealers improvise, cyber outage persists

Atlanta Journal-Constitution headlines:

• In U.S., we’re ‘flying blind’ on bird flu — Expert: Without testing, detecting outbreak unlikely

• Center delays take a toll on Savannah conventions — Large groups must adjust to smaller space or relocate

• Biden’s pre-debate offensive gears up to rebuild coalition — Campaign push  in state kicks off wirh defense of reproductive rights

• Removal experts advise you to think before getting inked — Georgia one of top states for regrettable tattoos, research indicates