UPDATED: 3 arrests for 48 vehicle break-ins involving 3 jurisdictions


UPDATED APRIL 12: A spokesman for the Peachtree City Police Department stated April 11 that three Douglasville men had been taken into custody with the help of the Morrow Police Department: Kyren Dorsey, 19; Daquan Hardaman, 20; and Devin Jackson, 20. Police said the trio smashed windows and broke into 48 vehicles in two jurisdictions.

Here’s the department’s take on the arrests:

“Ladies and Gentlemen, the story you are about to hear is true. The names have not been changed. This is the city, Peachtree City, Georgia. I work here. I’m a cop.

“It was Tuesday, April 9th. It was cool. I was working day watch in the investigations division. My partner is Anna Lieff, and the boss is Lt. Williams. My name is not Friday.

“This morning, pernicious purloiners caused pestilential problems in the city. The dastardly trio smashed the serenity when they shattered windows and pillaged forty-eight vehicles throughout two jurisdictions. These rambling rapscallions were unaware that Detective Lieff was on the case.

“Within mere hours, with the help of the Morrow Police Department, the tricky trio were trapped:

• Devin Omar Jackson, 20, of Douglasville, GA

• Kyren Cantrell Antonio Dorsey, 19, of Douglasville, GA

• Daquan Hardaman, 20, of Douglasville, GA

“Were taken into custody by members of the Morrow Police Department.

“We would be remiss without also mentioning that this case was a great example of excellent teamwork and collaboration between multiple patrol officers across different shifts, multiple investigators working behind the scenes, and multiple agencies working towards a common goal.

“Please take this as a cautionary tale, as several firearms were left unsecured in entered vehicles.

“Please, Please, Please do not leave firearms in vehicles.”







Law enforcement officers across Fayette County spent the early-morning hours of April 9 investigating dozens of attempted automobile break-ins.

The daily report from the Peachtree City Police Department noted 17 separate incidents between midnight and 8 a.m. of attempting to enter auto, reporting various cars and trucks with windows that were smashed by would-be robbers.

All of these cases were on Merrick Drive in the Camden apartment complex, the report stated. Six additional cases were included from The Retreat at Georgian Park on Barberry Lane.

Police are investigating and may have specific suspects in some cases, but no arrests were reported as of April 11.

In Fayetteville, police reported more than 20 separate entering auto incidents during the same time frame, all in the area surrounding Lafayette Avenue and the Meridian apartments.

Elsewhere in the county, a Peachtree City officer responded the morning of April 9 to a suspicious person call at Walmart. It was reported that a male inside the store had a previous criminal trespass warning and was a known shoplifter. He was seen walking out the front door and stopped in the parking lot.

Clayton Holman, 30, was arrested and charged with shoplifting. The report stated that he was taken to the Fayette County Jail due to at least three other shoplifting convictions.

The driver — listed on the report as Zaire Holloway, 19 — admitted to knowingly removing the license plate and attaching it to this vehicle, according to police, and he was charged accordingly.