David Chancey announces retirement from McDonough Road Baptist


Dr. David L. Chancey, pastor of Fayetteville’s McDonough Road Baptist Church, recently announced his retirement from that pastorate effective March 27. His last Sunday is March 17. Chancey began his pastorate on November 1, 1999 and served nearly a quarter of a century. He has the second longest pastor tenure in the church’s history.

“I’ve loved our time at McDonough Road and I love our community,” said Chancey. “Pastoring is one of the toughest, but also one of the most rewarding, jobs in the world. We’ve had many successes and accomplishments and many trials and stressful stretches over these 24-plus years, but, by the grace of God, pastor and people have strived to love one another and to keep on doing the Lord’s work.

“There’s much I’ve enjoyed through the years, but especially have looked forward to our time together in worship on Sundays. I love to preach, and our congregation has been eager, attentive, supportive listeners. I’m going to miss our Sunday mornings together.”

Chancey is retiring from McDonough Road, but not from ministry.

“I’m praying God will open doors to continue preaching here and there, maybe helping churches between pastors,” Chancey said. “I want to stay active in ministry.”

He and his wife Amy are also looking forward to visiting their nine grandchildren scattered over three states more often and taking in a few “bucket list” items.

“I’m also praying God will open doors to expand my writing ministry.”

Chancey’s award winning column has appeared in The Citizen for over twenty-two years and is published every three weeks.

“I truly enjoy writing and seeing my work published. I pray these pieces are an encouragement and bring glory to God. I appreciate our loyal readers.”