#8 Chiefs start season strong with 2-0 win over Clarkston

Jackson Awtry crosses ball on the way to Chiefs' victory.Photo/McIntosh Athletics.com
Jackson Awtry crosses ball on the way to Chiefs' victory.Photo/McIntosh Athletics.com

In a rematch of the 2017 State Championship game, the #8 ranked McIntosh Chiefs began their season with an impressive 2-0 victory over Clarkston high school, thanks to standout performances from several key players.

Junior Adan Dollans and Senior Captain Gabe Mawanda were the motor offensively for the Chiefs creating problems for the Angoras (Clarkston Mascot) midfield. Early and often the chiefs found winger Jackson Awtry who beat the Clarkston left back and served in dangerous crosses. Midway through the first half Awtry drove a cross to Amon Tomaro on the back post which resulted in a powerful header just over the goal.

Laim Newton Smith flicked a header into the box to an on running Adan Dollens volleying the ball past the Clarkston Keeper and putting the Chiefs on the board in the 35th minute for a 1-0 lead. Dollens was active all match long, defending against the very talented Clarkston midfield.

Junior Forward, Liam Newton-Smith helped create numerous chances for the Chiefs’ attack. He recorded 2 shots, with 1 on target, and notched an assist on the night. Lamaras Blue showed vision and passing ability that sparked several dangerous attacks.

The Chiefs senior led backline of Amon Tomaro, Hyeonsu An, Mark Grassi and Carson Candela was stout all night long, denying Clarkston’s offense any room to operate. Anchored by Goalkeeper Jackson Brubaker, the defense stood tall, holding Clarkston to zero shots on goal.

With seven minutes remaining in the match the chiefs ended Clarkston’s hopes for a comeback. Senior Lamarus Blue drove a free kick across the box to Aden Dollans who redirected to Aaron Ajie on the back post where he headed it in to seal the victory. Blue and Dollans combined for a rear “Double Assist” which reflected how this night was truly a group victory with nearly every player making great contributions.

Coach Brian Messer commended the team’s unselfishness, effort, and ability to convert their chances when needed most.

With contributors stepping up across the field, Miles Strong stood out as a key component of this year’s Chiefs. The chiefs showed they have the talent and depth to make a run at the state championship this season. The 2-0 victory over Clarkston provided an ideal start as the team headed into the rest of their daunting schedule against the best teams in the State. Story provided by McIntoshAthletics.com