Parking on railroad tracks draws a DUI charge for Peachtree City woman

Police dash cam photo of a car parked on railroad tracks. Photo/Peachtree City Police Department.
Police dash cam photo of a car parked on railroad tracks. Photo/Peachtree City Police Department.

It is never a good idea to park one’s car on railroad tracks. In one particular case, it was a telltale sign of a different problem that led to the driver’s arrest.

According to a Peachtree City Police Department report, an officer arrived on the evening of Feb. 12 at a railroad crossing near Hwy. 74 and Kedron Drive and found a vehicle sitting on the tracks, pointed in a direction which suggested the driver was considering a drive down the tracks instead of on the road.

The investigation determined that the driver had a blood alcohol concentration of 0.239, which is three times the legal limit of 0.08. As one spokesperson for the Peachtree City Police Department pointed out, “It is still a DUI charge even if you are driving your car on the railroad tracks.”

The woman, 30, of Peachtree City was arrested and taken to Fayette County Jail. According to the jail log, the charges against her include DUI of alcohol, failure to maintain lane and open container.

Elsewhere in Peachtree City, a Feb. 10 traffic stop in the area of Hwy. 54 and Northlake Drive led to multiple felony charges. Officers stopped a grey vehicle for multiple traffic violations, then searched the vehicle and found much more.

Souleymane Konyate, 29, of Riverdale was charged with financial identity fraud, financial transaction card fraud and possession of tools for commission of a crime. All are felonies. Other charges include following too close, improper use/turning signal/light, texting while driving and DUI of alcohol.

Officers on patrol made a traffic stop in the wee hours of Feb. 13 in the area of Hwy. 54 and MacDuff Parkway. The report indicated the stop was due to a “Flock hit,” which refers to cameras used by law enforcement to read license plates and send instant alerts regarding those which are on “hot lists” of cars of interest to police.

Tacara McLemore, 39, of Atlanta was the passenger in the car and was arrested for felony drug possession, misdemeanor marijuana possession and possession/use of drug-related objects. Steven Osby, 28, of Jonesboro was the driver and faces those charges as well as driving with a suspended license.


  1. Why was the name of the woman who parked on the RR tracks left out of the report? I’ve noticed this before. Women in the county sometimes do not have their names listed. Is this due to chivalry or some other reason?