Monitor your home water usage, check for leaks on your phone app soon

Manufacturer's photo of residential Ultrasonic water flow meter. Photo/company website.
Manufacturer's photo of residential Ultrasonic water flow meter. Photo/company website.

— Fayette Water System to upgrade 32,000 water meters — 

The Fayette County Water System is replacing 32,000 water meters that have reached their end-of-life with state-of-art Ultrasonic Meters manufactured by Badger Meter, USA.

The project, kicked-off February 1st , is expected to be completed at the end of 2025 with help from the installation contractor, Pedal Valves, Inc.

As part of the metering system upgrade, customers can access an application, EyeOnWater, a user-friendly phone or computer application that allows access to water usage data on an hourly basis.

The new tool allows customers to set up notification alerts for potential leaks or excess water usage to help avoid water loss leading to unexpectedly high bills. Ultrasonic meters have no moving parts increasing the longevity and accuracy of this infrastructure.

“The Fayette County Board of Commissioners chose to allocate a portion of the County’s American Recovery Plan Act funding to this multi-million-dollar infrastructure investment that benefits most County residents for decades to come. We remain vigilant in meeting the challenges of source water protection, water conservation and community education while continuing to provide safe drinking water to everyone in the community,” Vanessa Tigert, Water System Director said.

Project notification letters are being sent to all Fayette County Water System customers in advance of the meter installation. Water System staff are working closely with the contractor to ensure a seamless customer experience during the meter upgrade.

This project will improve water usage, billing, and potential leak notifications to residents and businesses. In addition to supporting environmental stewardship, this project will enable Fayette County Water System to provide enhanced customer service and improve operational efficiencies.

Here’s a county video explaining the change.

For more information about the project and the capabilities of the new meters, visit the website at


  1. Probably the same bunch that helped Fulton and Dekalb residents to have thousands of dollars of water usauge without any explanation other than pay it. Considering the fact that the Water Authority cannot even send timely bills if they are sent at all, this should be a typical governmental boondoggle.

    • Interested citizen, to take it a step further I would like to know what was wrong with the old system. The explanation given was that the new system allows us to monitor water usage in real time. How many of us really see that as a benefit? Fortunately I have better things to do with my time then closely monitor an app on my phone telling me about water usage. Seems more likely that a silver tongued salesperson worked their way into the water department and lots of free lunches were had by all. Hope I’m wrong. Bottom line: if it’s not saving us money as consumers, why did we need it?

      • It will help the water system detect major leaks in a much more timely matter. Ask me how I know.

        I had a leak under my driveway on my incoming went undetected for almost a month due to the timing of the last mater reading..all I can say is thank goodness for the leak insurance I have been paying for. Saved me a bundle between water and sewer charges..

        • The $3 add-on each month also saved me a bundle, about $600. Though they probably cost more to purchase, install and maintain, I think these new upgraded meters are a good water system investment. I also think water is going to take on a more important role in our lives.

          • They said I had the largest residential leak they had ever seen. Still no sign of where the water went, had to go into the ground…the meter was about to take flight it was spinning so fast. Pressure at the house was not off enough for me to notice it.

            It saved me much more than $600…Fayette Water did me right.

            New line wasn’t cheap though…at least it’s new.