Chabad of Peachtree City, the center for Judaism in the Southside, launches a Chanukah festival “Light for Israel Event & Campaign”’ this weekend.

The Jewish Community in Atlanta’s Southside will Show its solidarity with Israel by gathering together in an event honoring the modern-day Maccabees defending the lives of those living in the Land of Israel.

This will take place on Sunday, December 10, which is the 4th night of festival Chanukah. To celebrate the festival with solidarity and unity, we will parade down the Peachtree City Golf Cart Pathways, with illuminated Menorahs atop of our Golf Carts. We will pray and sing together; and we will fight darkness in the world with light, by committing to perform positive and illuminating deeds, such as charity, kindness, and by lighting a large Menorah together. We will honor those who serve in the Israeli army, protecting their nation country.

The leaders of the Jewish community in Peachtree City, Georgia, and throughout the Southside, have led a response to the recent terror attack in Israel in which over 1,200 Jews were brutally murdered—the most Jews slaughtered in a single day since the Holocaust. Chabad of Peachtree City has joined the global Jewish community on a profound journey of solidarity through the ”Mitzvah for Israel Campaign”. Anchored on the spiritual powers of the Torah, this campaign symbolizes the unity and the collective spiritual resolve of Jewish communities worldwide to stand with Israel during these dark, challenging days by increasing activities of light.

“Kindling the Sabbath candles 18 minutes prior to sunset on Fridays is a timeless symbol of Jewish hope and light. This offers every household an opportunity to add literal light to this world and inspire others,” said Rabbi Yossi Lew, director of Chabad of Peachtree City. “We must remember that by illuminating our own corner of the world and taking part in this act of spiritual unity and solidarity with the people of Israel, we can impact not just ourselves but also places even far away. It also connects the present day with generations of Jewish heroes who persevered through even harder times.”

During past conflicts in the Land of Israel, when things seemed bleak, with real danger for the people of Israel and elsewhere, the Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, of righteous memory, the leader of the Chabad movement, and the most influential rabbi in modern history, made practical suggestions of mitzvahs—good deeds—to elicit G d’s protection. We are heartened to share that our local community, Jews and non-Jews alike, have the opportunity to be a part of this compassionate venture by launching our very own Chabad of Peachtree City team in the Mitzvah (Good Deed) Campaign hosted on the platform. This initiative seeks to amass a million mitzvahs, each one being a beam of light piercing through the veil of darkness and despair.

Registering and engaging with the campaign is straightforward and can be done through Adding your Mitzvah or setting up a team takes less than a minute, yet the impact of our collective actions will resonate through time and space, providing a cloak of spiritual protection for the Holy Land.

We warmly invite you, your family, and friends from all religions to our Chanukah celebration, and to also join us in the meaningful campaign of adding good deeds. Together, in unity, we will touch the boundless capacity for good inherent in our community and the world.

For more information about this initiative and the Unity event on December 10th, please contact Chabad of Peachtree City at 678-595-0199 or

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