Felony shoplifting arrest at Fayette Pavilion leads to felony cocaine charge


In the Fayette Pavilion, a significant shoplifting arrest was made outside the Dollar Tree, according to a police report. Tashonda Dixon, 37, of Stonecrest was taken into custody the afternoon of Nov. 22 and about $3,500 worth of stolen clothing was recovered.

She was also found to be in possession of marijuana and cocaine, the report stated. That resulted in a felony drug charge as well as a felony shoplifting charge, according to the Fayette County Jail log.

Another shoplifter was apprehended the afternoon of Nov. 26 in the Pavilion complex. Danny Jackson, 33, of Decatur was found to have taken three sunglass frames worth a total of $1,099 from LensCrafters. His charges include two felony counts of theft by shoplifting and financial identity fraud.

Black Friday was a busy day in Fayetteville not only for shoppers, but also for law enforcement.

A couple of motorists riding through the Fayette Pavilion complex that day should not have been driving, as they already had active warrants out for their arrest.

According to reports, a 2017 Ford F-150 was stopped between 8 and 9 a.m. outside the Home Depot for no insurance. It turned out that the driver was wanted, so Sharod Thomas, 46, was taken into custody.

Around noon, in an unrelated incident, another driver was stopped near Jen’s Fish Fry for no insurance. He was also driving with a suspended license. Jamar Holmes, 31, of Jonesboro was arrested on those charges.

Elsewhere in Fayetteville, police received a report of a wanted person in the area of North Glynn Street and arrested Anthony Joyce, 53, of Jonesboro the morning of Nov. 24.

Police are investigating a couple of unsolved incidents from the past few days. A report stated that a burglary took place in the wee hours of Nov. 25 on Clarendon Place during which an unknown assailant entered a residence and also punched the victim in the mouth. Burglary and simple battery charges await the perpetrator in this case.

Also under investigation is a Nov. 16 incident in which an unknown subject shoplifted merchandise from Walmart worth an estimated $648. About $600 of that total is a television, the police report indicated, with the remainder being clothing and consumer goods.