Coweta-Fayette EMC awards grants through Operation Round Up

Fayette LIFE Academy’s Lisa Owens celebrates winning a Bright Ideas Grant from Coweta-Fayette EMC. Kedron Elementary’s Kori Perez with her class.

Six local educators were among the winners as Coweta-Fayette EMC awarded $29,953.34 in Bright Ideas Grants to 28 deserving teachers across Coweta County Schools, Fayette County Schools, and Heard County Schools.

Fayette Life Academy – Lisa Owens

Flat Rock Middle – Sarah Thompson

Kedron Elementary – Angela Thompson, Ansleigh Baxter, Kori Perez

Peachtree City Elementary – Brandi Thornton

Bright Ideas is funded by Coweta-Fayette EMC’s Operation Round-Up. The pennies you contribute each month to Operation Round-Up, when combined with the pennies of thousands of other members, benefit those in our local community. Coweta-Fayette EMC’s Operation Round Up Foundation celebrated 30 years in 2023, and since its inception, the Foundation has distributed more than $6.1 million in assistance to those in need within our local communities.

The 2024 B.I.G. applications will become available in May 2024. For questions, contact Megan Phillips at 678-630-6680 or