FES parent shares Hispanic heritage with class


A visitor helped Fayetteville Elementary better understand other cultures. FES parent Anabel Archundia visited Dr. Joanna Johnson’s 4th grade classroom during Hispanic Heritage Month for a special presentation.

Archundia talked to the class about Hispanic culture, with a focus on music, clothing, and important figures in politics, fashion, and government. She presented authentic dress attire for both women and men, and students were allowed to try them on. Archundia modeled how the dresses could be used in dance or social situations, and she explained how the hats have a purpose in their everyday activities.

Archundia shared music from the Hispanic community, and she provided a maraca for each student so they could join in the fun.

Students enjoyed her highlights of important Hispanic and Latinos serving in politics, the courts, sports, and fashion. She finished her presentation by reviewing various flags of Hispanic countries.

“Her presentation was phenomenal,” said Johnson. “The hopes for this experience is for students to gain an understanding of other cultures in our community.”