Rising Starr studies concussion prevention


The young Panthers want to help keep their friends and family safe. The 7th grade at Rising Starr Middle is designing prototype helmets to protect against concussions.

As part of the cell unit in science, students are studying neurons, the effect concussions have on neurons, and how that affects your body. They are using their newfound knowledge to engineer bike helmets to protect an egg.

They are also making an educational piece to encourage elementary school kids to wear a bike helmet. They can create a comic book, podcast, stop motion video, or educational rap that includes causes of a concussion, stats on accidents and helmet usage, symptoms, treatments, and prevention.

“I want the kids to understand that what they are learning in school has relevance in the real world and that they can use their knowledge to help others,” said teacher Dejah Morrow. “I want some of them to gain confidence knowing they don’t have to be the ‘top of class’ to make a difference.”