Fayette County Commission celebrates with Inman Road ribbon cutting


The Fayette County Board of Commissioners held a ribbon cutting ceremony marking the completion of the 2017 SPLOST Category II Tier II project at Inman Road July 27.

The work completed consisted of demolishing the existing double 96-inch corrugated metal pipes, each 37 linear feet, and replacing them with 56 LF double 8’X8’ reinforced concrete box culverts. North Georgia Concrete was the contractor responsible for the project.

Inman Road is now open to the public as of Friday, July 28 at 8 a.m.

Commemorating the opening were (L-R) Chris Stanley, Sr. Civil Engineer; Commissioner Edward Gibbons; Allen Harp, North Georgia Concrete; David Johnson, Construction Inspector (with vest and hat); Chairman/Commissioner Lee Hearn; Commissioner Charles Oddo; Steven Rapson, Fayette County Administrator; Bryan Keller, Environmental Management Director; Courtney Hassenzahl, Assistant Environmental Management Director; Richard Brooks, Project Manager; Front row: Commissioner Eric Maxwell; Carter Keller. Photo/Fayette County.


  1. What a waste of time and resources! Besides a photo op to promote SPLOST, can anyone tell me how this “ribbon cutting” benefitted the people of Fayette County? Why are we celebrating when this is what our county is supposed to do – maintain infrastructure. Are everyday achievements now cause for a celebration? My CPA doesn’t throw a party when he finishes my taxes. My urologist didn’t give me a balloon or throw a party upon a successful vasectomy procedure. Good grief. Let’s all do our jobs and celebrate what’s worth of being celebrated. This is just an adult-size version of a kid getting a participation trophy for completing a sports season.