Return of county competition highlights math experts


The much-anticipated return of the Fayette County Elementary Math Tournament wowed the crowd. The 20th edition, and the first since COVID-19 led to a hiatus, brought some of the county’s brightest 4th and 5th grade minds together at the Ferrol A. Sams Auditorium.

Each team answered a series of 15 questions. The 4th grade completion required a series of tiebreaker questions to determine a winner in a thrilling finish.

Inman Elementary won for 4th grade, with Robert J. Burch in 2nd place and Huddleston in 3rd place.

The Inman 4th grade team is Alice Alberts, Remi Otero, Harper Rickman, and Russell Bennett. They are coached by Samantha Jones.

The Burch team is Charles Hairston, Lauren Harvey, Nathan Vanderwalker, and Trinity Bowling. They are coached by Venita Jones.

The Huddleston team is Melissa Garcia Valdez, Christian Lopez, Evan Starrett, and Carson Hickok. They are coached by Michelle Tarpley.

Peeples Elementary won for 5th grade, with Inman in 2nd place and Kedron in 3rd place.

The Peeples 5th grade team is Parker Ivaska, Liliana Kassem, Matthew Phan, and Ainsley Steed. They are coached by Nicole Williams.

The Inman team is Oliver Bishop, Shaidon Brooks, Haaroon Propst, and Olivia Orona. They are coached by Laura Crews.

The Kedron team is Evan Oh, Amogh Ramesh, Dante’ Romano, and Sonja Ambroson. They are coached by Daphne Lowery.