Mad scientist makes learning fun at PTC Elem.


A mad scientist shared some tricks up his sleeve when Dr. Donald White visited Peachtree City Elementary during their annual PTO-sponsored Valentine’s Breakfast.

While faculty and staff feasted on a delicious breakfast prepared by the PTO, students enjoyed a presentation from Dr. White, learning about heat, sound, changing states of matter, and more. Students enjoyed being turned into a toilet paper snowman, and Dr. White also made elephant toothpaste.

Elephant toothpaste is an exothermic reaction that involves mixing hydrogen peroxide, dish soap, and potassium iodide as a catalyst. The hydrogen peroxide quickly decomposes into a large quantity of a foamy substance that resembles toothpaste. It can also be turned different colors with food coloring, so Dr. White turned it purple, the favorite color of Principal Dr. Kristin Berryman.