McIntosh wins state dance championship


The Chiefettes have grabbed the crown. The McIntosh High dance team won the Class 5A/6A GHSA state dance championship at the Macon Centreplex on February 11.

The victory marks the first official GHSA dance state championship for the Chiefettes, and they also won the jazz category for their classifications.

“Winning the state championship was the culmination of so much hard work and dedication by the dancers throughout the season, who continually improved on their scores,” said coach Carmen Yarbrough. “The team culture was exquisite, and, when you have a winning culture, winning the state championship just meant so much more.”

The champion Chiefettes are Heather Lee, Sunia Xiao, Elizabeth Stanton, Daisy Fidler, Sarah Wilson, Khami Williams, Sofi Schwartz, Shima Arai, Nina Seymour, Lila Egseiker, and Mady Kuehn.

They were coached by Carmen Yarbrough, Adrienne Scasny, and Sadie Nash.

“The team set a goal at summer camp that they wanted to win a state championship. We reflected on the last two years and knew that we needed to change how we do things. We added an extra practice to our weekly schedule and incorporated ballet and strength training into our regimen. We worked smarter and not harder at each practice,” said Yarbrough. “I feel like our program has been grinding for the past three years to lead up to this championship, and I’m just thrilled for my athletes that they were awarded the biggest award of all – the right to call themselves state champions!”