City Council Candidate Forum Nov. 1 to be hosted by Rotary Club of Peachtree City


The Rotary Club of Peachtree City will be hosting a candidate forum for the open City Council position on Tuesday, Nov. 1, at Peachtree City Christian Church, 500 Kedron Dr., Peachtree City.

All five candidates will be attending the event. The event opens at 5:30 p.m. with a Meet & Greet to allow attendees to talk with each candidate individually. The Forum will then begin promptly at 6:30 p.m. This is the final event before voting day on Nov. 8 and the only event that will host all 5 candidates.

The event is free to the public. The club is asking people attending to register online at City Council Post 3 Candidate Forum Tickets, Tuesday, Nov. 1, 2022 at 5:30 PM — Eventbrite to insure proper seating.

Make plans to attend this event to hear from each candidate on their plans for Peachtree City. — Mandy Timmons for the Peachtree City Rotary Club.


  1. I attended the form that was held several weeks ago at white water. Toward the end of that forum, Mr. Holland indicated that he would be posting important information on his website that evening or the next day concerning his plan for traffic alleviation at 54/74. When that did not happen I reached out to him no fewer than 4 times by way of his email address and also through comments on the citizen and he never bothered to respond. that was all I needed to know to eliminate him as a candidate. If he is not responsive to his constituents then he is no better than the last batch that we had. Best of luck Dr. Crane.

    • Hometown 600
      Very interesting you will not reveal your real name but hide behind a pseudonym. In any event, I guess you may be a resident of PTC.
      Last night at the Rotary Club meeting I gave the reasons I have not posted any specific engineering details, but gave instead a general response to the 54/74 traffic issues on my website, hopefully you were listening last night.
      I have learned from past responses that much of what is said by me, or other candidates, is taken out of context. I certainly have all the specifics on the engineering plans and ideas for the 54/74 interchange ready to go, but will give it directly to the current city council, certainly not on an open platform like this.
      I truly appreciate the Rotary Club holding last night’s event and all the people who came to listen to all 5 candidates. Well done Rotary Club!!

      • Interesting strategy for a candidate running in the wake of a scandal. I’m sure “Elect me to find out what I’ll do” is going to foster trust and transparency in the electorate.
        Luckily you’re waving the conservative flag hard, that should distract enough people from the fact that your going to rule in the back room instead of in the public.

        • Virtue Signal
          I guess you are another one hiding behind a pseudonym and acting like a troll.
          There is no scandal, what are you talking about? Obviously you have not read my 21 point platform on my website otherwise you would not be saying things like this.
          Please state the facts, not allude to hearsay and rumor. I am a straight forward candidate and I’ll give you a straight answer, but you are spreading a completely false rumor. Maybe that is why you hide behind a pseudonym!

          • Are you really saying that what Ms. Caola did was right? I know you’ve barely been here 2.5 years, but surely you remember that scandal?

            I’ve read your 21 platform points and I’m less than impressed. You don’t understand what you can and can’t control in the position you’re running for.
            Lower taxes, drain our reserves, but pay police and fire more? Where does that new revenue stream come from?

            I’ll continue to hide behind my pseudonym as long as you hide behind meaningless words you call a “platform.”

      • This only shows opacity. Governance should be transparent to the constituents, ready to explain any misconstruction or out of context interpretations. You either don’t have any practical, engineering detailed, ready-to-go solutions for the 54/74 congestion, or if you have it, you think is above your constituents’ reach. In any case, a disrespect.

  2. This church will soon be pursuing putting a cell tower on their property. It will be extremely close to the Oxford Trails day care and a total eyesore for the homes across the street. They don’t care how it affects property values or possible health effects on the children. They just want the money.