It’s a mistake, not voter suppression, says Board of Elections member


The October 24th opinion piece titled “Are you among at least 123 disenfranchised voters in Peachtree City?” is a piece of misinformation. Whether by omission or commission the author seems more interested in inflaming passion than fully reporting.

A quick fact checking with the Fayette Election division did confirm that the 2018 annexation was not incorporated into the voting system. Once confirmation was received from the City of Peachtree City, that error was resolved, the same day.

An error occurred. It was identified and resolved in a timely fashion. It’s not voter suppression. It’s called an error that goes back years.

What is noteworthy is that no one from the area in question has apparently voted in a citywide election in the past four years or this would have been identified before now.

Regarding the 96-year-old voter, yes, all poll managers and poll workers are trained that should a situation like this occur, the voter should be given a provisional ballot. That error also occurred.

The situation was corrected and the voter did vote his/her ballot. No one was denied the opportunity to vote. No one was disenfranchised. It’s not voter suppression. It’s an error.

All poll workers and poll managers have been contacted by the elections staff and this point has been driven home again. Will the elections division review the poll manager/worker training material following this election cycle? Count on it.

A problem occurred. The situation was mitigated and resolved and a reevaluation of the pertinent training will ensue.

Screaming “voter suppression” serves no purpose other than to sow the seeds of distrust of our voting system and our faith in democracy. It is the same nonsense repeated all over the country by people who have no evidence but “feel” like the system is flawed.

Our voting system works. Our staff diligently defends every legal voter’s right to vote and counts ever legally cast ballot. We follow the law!

Gary Rower, Vice Chairman

Fayette County Board of Elections

Fayetteville, Ga.


  1. It is the lack of transparency that many people have distrust the election system and undermine our faith in democracy. It is disappointing it has taken the cry of “voter suppression” to get any public statement from the Election Office.

    Since Mr. Rower has decided to represent the Elections Department perhaps he could answer a few questions.


      • Keeping it a secret is the antithesis to transparency. In my opinion, a public notice would have been in order, especially if you don’t know or can’t reach those that may have been turned away. It should detail which streets or building that were affected.

        Renters may not know if they are city residents or not. If the election worker says you aren’t a city resident, are you going to argue with them? If they voted before their records was fixed, how are they going to know they were really eligible to vote?

    • 1. Has there been any effort made to determine who may have been turned away and contacted them?
      2. When you say fixed, does that mean only with a provisional ballot or has their records been updated and this will not be required and can vote like any other PTC Resident.
      3. Since the nursing home folks are not in a Peachtree City precinct, have they been told which City Precinct they will need to go to on Election Day.
      4. Can you confirm when corrections began, and when they ended?
      5. Have there been any other reports of people unable to vote in the City Election?

      • There is an entire state government website which is clearly promoted on every official communication regarding voting eligibility and registration at which you can easily verify your status. Ignorance of the system isn’t lack of transparency. Ignorance of how the election process works, and has for decades, doesn’t mean it’s corrupted.

  2. The intentional disenfranchisement will Foster and spread now that certain cult followers have actively and successfully pursued official roles in the election process. Allowing people with personally-professed and promoted beliefs in undermining the legitimate election process is undoubtedly a significant risk to the system. The same vile agenda we’re already seeing in school board infiltrations.

  3. Once one swallows “The Big Lie,” all the little election lies are very easily gulped downed.

    Once you believe a Fox News or Alex Jones conspiracy, any other conspiracy is easily embraced.

    As Belleringer points out, be careful with anything promulgated by the Browns. They are constantly looking for ways to be victimized, and objective truth is eagerly sacrificed for sensationalism.

  4. Thank you Mr. Rower, for your level-headed correction of the hysterical misinformation put forward by Cal’s newest “columnist”.

    Columnists are tasked with putting forth their opinions but not at the expense of the truth. Cal’s elevating the hyperbolic Mr. and Mrs. Brown is just further disintegration of journalism. But it certainly is giving Mr. Holland a chance to get used to the feel of The Browns’ collar and leash.