Molech would be pleased


Many people know about the Punic Wars between the ancient city-states of Rome and Carthage that stretched over a 100-year period in the 2nd and 3rd centuries BC. Rome was the eventual winner and so secured its dominance over the Mediterranean for the next seven or eight centuries. What people often don’t know is that the Carthaginians were avid practitioners of child sacrifice.

Archaeological excavations have found mass graves of infant skeletons at the site of ancient Carthage, which is now in Tunisia, and it’s well known that the Carthaginian religion required child sacrifice to their god Molech in order to secure the prosperity and security of the once-dominant city-state.

The practice of child sacrifice wasn’t uncommon in the ancient world, however, so don’t think I’m just singling out the Carthaginians, but they were perhaps the most famous due to their rivalry with Rome. And they truly believed that it was necessary to offer up their children to receive worldly benefits as a kind of quid-pro-quo with the gods. We give you our dearest possession — our children — and you give us money.

Modern people look back on this practice rightfully with a sense of horror and disgust. How can you kill your baby just for money? How, indeed.

But I think some of our contemporaries wouldn’t be so shocked at this practice. Case in point is Stacey Abrams, who has recently claimed that aborting children is a good way to deal with inflation. After all, it’s awfully expensive to buy baby formula and diapers these days, right?

Plus, more mouths to feed means more aggregate demand, which will put additional upward pressure on prices. Why not cull the herd a bit if it will benefit us all with lower household costs and potential inflation reduction? (The Inflation Reduction Act Part 2 could include massive funding for abortions to achieve this noble goal!)

This latest nugget was not the only economic justification Abrams made for her most holy of sacraments, abortion. She also blamed Georgia’s “heartbeat bill” for causing the state to lose millions in corporate investment. Personally, if companies — especially Hollywood — are willing to leave or cancel plans due to our protection of the most innocent of all, I’m fine with it. But for Stacey, this is an intolerable … sacrifice, shall we say?

For her and many others, sadly, the destruction of innocent life in the womb is preferable to the loss of income. How are they much different from the ancient Carthaginians? I think very little.

What’s ironic about this perverted notion is that you do actually need more people at some point to work, pay taxes, support the elderly, and generally hold up society. Sure, there may be some short-term gain by killing pre-born infants now, but you’ll need those infants later when as adults they begin contributing to the tax base and society at large.

C.S. Lewis once said that modern man is guilty of chronological snobbery, of thinking the people of the past were so much worse than we enlightened folk of the now. This is a true phenomenon, to be sure. Look at how we are tearing down statues of Washington, Jefferson, and even Lincoln because we have judged them morally unfit.

But Stacey Abrams and her ilk in the pro-choice world, including “Pro-Choice Pastor” Raphael Warnock (I don’t see “separation of church and state” zealots decrying this particular pastor serving in government, by the way), give lie to this notion, because by being willing to brutally dismember, poison, and stab babies in the womb in return for perceived individual and societal economic benefit, they are no better than the baby-sacrificing worshippers of Molech from millennia ago.

In fact, they are worse because they should know better.

Trey Hoffman

Peachtree City, Ga.


  1. In Trey’s world, Handmaid’s Tale is a hilarious sitcom; the Old Testament governs how women should behave (love that Leviticus); and laws belong in your bathroom, bedroom, and somewhere between you and your doctor. Enjoy life, Trey. Stop wallowing in your self-induced misery.

  2. So a black woman, Stacey Abrams, tells me that my reproductive choices are mine to make.

    And a black man, Rev. Warnock, assures me that he trusts me with my reproductive decisions.

    And then a white man weighs in (repeatedly) that HE should call the shots.

    Of course.

    Frankly, speaking as a woman, we don’t need your advice or your insults, Trey Hoffman; let alone your permission. We never did. It would be nice if you realize it and just…stop.

    Or at least switch to decaf.

    • Suz – what difference does the skin color of any single person in this issue have to do with anything? Why is it the only person that sees race happens to be you? (yet I”m sure you are going to proudly declare how anti-racist you are).

      • Hello, the_wing-t; it’s been a while.

        My point in bringing up race is– out of the three people involved in Trey’s rant, only Trey, himself, is a white male. As I stated, “of course”. It is time for the status quo to go.

        FYI, I am very careful never to claim I am not racist. I was raised by a bigoted, albeit beloved, father from Arkansas in the 1950s. However,, I do my very best to be vigilant in recognizing racist thoughts, eliminating them, and never acting on them. With God’s help.

        • Still haven’t answered what skin color and biological sex has to do with any of Trey’s points. Are you saying his views are less credible because of it? Or do you just buy into this leftist hatred of all things that come from conservative white males?

          • Dear the_wing_t
            Allow me to clarify my statements.

            When it comes to terminating a pregnancy, every person surely has an opinion (according to their conscience).

            No doubt Stacey Abrams has. Yet she respects the varied choices of other women.

            Likewise, Rev. Warnock must have a deep-felt opinion. But he still trusts each woman to come to their own opinion and respectively supports her decision.

            And here is my point–Trey is not content to determine his own moral convictions and live by them. He expects all women to abide by HIS conscience.

            That is the difference in the three people.

            IMO, Trey is a part of the status quo I referred to–white, conservative males, accustomed to deciding what is best for women (even in a matter as private as healthcare decisions).

            At least you and I do agree on one thing–I must look foolish at times!
            Probably more often than not.

            I don’t have all the answers. Not even close. But I like to think I learn something every time I participate in these exchanges.

            (p.s. my apologies to Russellville and all Arkansas!)

          • REVEREND Warnock and Stacy Abrams have no respect for the 600,000 (50% African American Babies) beating hearts stopped by abortion last year, Trey does….

            And I could of sworn there was a Black male and a White female Supreme Court Justice that righted Roe by correctly deciding that nowhere in the Constitution is abortion stated as such a right, therefore the decision is returned to the States and the people to decide its legality on a local basis.

          • If you’re insinuating that I’m offended – you’re incorrect. I’m just pointing out that Suz is making a clearly racist and sexist statement……she’s discounting a person simply because of the color of their skin and their sex. Can you imagine the reaction if someone said of Obama, “We don’t need to hear his ideas, he’s a BLACK man.” Or if Stacey Abrams gets elected governor, and half the state says “She’s not my governor, I’m not gonna listen to no woman tell me nothin”. People would be incensed. But when a leftist says the same thing…..crickets……

            PS – wasn’t there some guy named King who famously said “”I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

    • Democrats want abortions for everyone up to birth and they are okay with a woman making that choice, no questions asked, but when it came to the covid vaccine they didn’t trust anyone to make that decision for themselves. Stop the insanity.

      • Someone missed school the decade they taught the common sense difference between airborne/contact socially-communicable diseases and non-transmittable, private, personal medical situations.

        Let me guess: you’re disappointed at the lack of typhus, polio, smallpox, and greatly reduced Covid and flu rates attributable to vaccinations.

        • The flu vaccine is not mandated, it a persons choice and is about as effective as the COVID vaccine. Minimizes symptoms, but obviously doesn’t prevent someone vaccinated from contracting or transmitting as Biden keeps telling us it does, but I believe its a good thing for older people and compromised health situations.

          And no I am not disappointed about any vaccine, except how we continue to be lied to about the COVID vaccines ability to stop someone from contracting or transmitting and that they are mandating in certain situations. I am very worried about our young people getting it, I think there is still a lot to be learned and should not be mandated for anyone.

  3. Now that Mr. Hoffman’s team has won the battle for the government’s right to control intimate parts of a woman’s body, I am interested in how they will support the children that are so dear to them.

    Will Medicaid be expanded to meet their physical needs? Will SNAP be expanded to meet their nutritional needs? Will housing allowances and child tax credits be expanded? Will evangelical churches dole out money and supplies for needy families in a much expanded manner than they do now?

    Will easy access to birth control become widely available?

    It is one thing to say that one cares about “innocent children.” It is quite another to develop strategies and put money where your mouth is. Will the pro-life team be up to the challenge since so many children will suffer if they are not; or conversely, will they merely be the dog that finally caught the car but doesn’t know what to do with it?

    I do not believe the government should be allowed to make decisions for a pregnant woman, but since that is now the reality, I hope that the Christians and the government can handle the responsibilities.

    • The government seems to find the funds necessary to support 2,000,000+ migrants entering our nation, providing them what they need. Surely they can find the needed funds to help support 600,000+ additional citizens that one day hopefully will become productive tax paying citizens instead of an abortion number with no chance at life.

      When did the purchase of birth control become not easy? Doesn’t every convenience store, drug store, grocery store, Amazon, Walmart, Kmart, Dollar General around carry some sort of birth control?

      • I hope you are correct Lucky about the government’s willingness to support children that will be born that were at one point unwanted. And I definitely hope these children will find parents who do actually want them after they are born (natural or adoptive).

        I do not have confidence that the conservatives that are rejoicing that Roe was overturned will be outspoken in wanting to increase social programs that will pay for them. I hope I am wrong. I know that Evangelicals will not step up; they’re good at praying, but very poor at spending money to assist.

        I am pleased that birth control is widely available, but some require physician prescriptions to obtain. Georgia has been adamant in failing to extend Medicaid benefits since Obamacare was enacted and even prevents the governor to do so without legislative consent.

        We’ll see if the conservatives put their money where their mouth is.

        • STF, remember that the Catholic Church has called birth control a sin as well. Fleecing the eldery, infirm, poor, and weak or covering up decades of child sex abuse with money or threats has been just fine. Saw something akin to that on The Godfather, Sopranos etc. But they didn’t get tax benefits so all good. Especially since Opus Dei, and some Supremes are hairline-deep in said engagements.

          • SS- Many Christian denominations considered birth control a sin, not just the Catholic Church, however much has changed since 1968…..

            STF – I’m sure you know that birth control is cheap, often free. Planned Parenthood will help those that can’t afford it or don’t have insurance..

            Perhaps this story from Texas will change your mind and heart on Evangelicals stepping up:

          • SS- Many Christian denominations considered birth control a sin, not just the Catholic Church, however much has changed since 1968…..

            STF – I’m sure you know that birth control is cheap, often free. Planned Parenthood will help those that can’t afford it or don’t have insurance..

            There is a article in the Washington Post from last November titled “A Maternity Ranch is Born – How evangelical women in Texas are mobilizing for a future without abortion”. Perhaps you can find the article, its contrary to your belief and confidence in evangelicals.. Hopefully it will warm your heart today.

  4. Ms. Abrams claimed that “having children” was the reason people were worried about the price of gas and groceries. We have no children, never did, are past middle age and guess what? We’re worried about the price of gas and groceries, as are many of our friends who are retired, living on a fixed income, and whose children are long grown and left the nest.

    But even IF we had children, which we had inexplicably failed to abort…what was her suggestion for what people should do about the children they already have? Even in California, toddlers, preteens and teenagers are illegal to abort at that stage of their development.