Clint Holland announces his run for Peachtree City Council Post 3

Clint Holland, Peachtree City Council Post 3 candidate.
Clint Holland, Peachtree City Council Post 3 candidate.

My name is Clint Holland and I am proud to announce my candidacy for the open Peachtree City Post 3 City Council seat. I’ve recently retired and ready to fully commit time to serving PTC citizens.

When we first visited this area, my wife Ann and I immediately fell in love with Peachtree City, and now it has become our “forever home,” so I want to ensure our beautiful city stays on the right path toward a prosperous future.

As a reliable conservative, I closely look at our current council’s activities, and I believe they have lost their way with our citizens. Some claim to listen, but really do not hear the voices of our citizen’s concern with the current governance of our city.

I moved to PTC because of the village concept, safety, and security for my family. The crime rate was low, the schools were top notch, and we fell in love with the golf cart life amongst the city’s greenspace.

I have attended most city council, WASA, Planning Commission, 2022 Comprehensive Plan, 2023 SPLOST, and other meetings since moving to Peachtree City. At those meetings I have witnessed some poor decision-making from the city council on serious topics meant for the betterment of our citizens. If this city was a company and I were president, I would have replaced some of the participants for poor performance.

I was approached this past March by Councilman Frank Destadio, a close personal friend, who asked me to be one of his members on this year’s updating of the Peachtree City’s 2022 Comprehensive Plan. I was very proud to get so involved with my city’s government.

I was on the committee for this plan but the citizen’s survey (into which the committee had no real input) was significantly flawed from the start. I fought to redo the survey or get it reworked or redone.

Having taught Mathematics at a Denver, Colorado university, I understood the nature of surveys and statistics, and the asking of questions correctly on surveys. The Comprehensive Plan committee was not asked to review anything about the survey questions, so it was sent out without our input. Once completed by approximately 581 respondents out of 38,000 PTC citizens, I was told that this survey data was the result from our citizens, and I couldn’t challenge it.

I spoke at a city council meeting this summer about the skewed survey data that was used in the plan. So, I analyzed that data myself, once it was released to the committee, and found the opposite results than what was put in the final Comprehensive Plan.

The use of skewed data ended up in the final plan and my analytical and statistical summation of the actual data was brushed off by the city council. Last month I was appalled, like many of my fellow PTC Citizens, that with a 3 to 1 vote, that terrible Comprehensive Plan was approved.

I was very disillusioned at the city council’s vote so that was the final straw and I decided to run for the open seat of previous Councilwomen Caola. We now need to professionally redo the survey and rewrite portions of the 2022 Comprehensive Plan.

Today we want a fresh approach to city government. We need to listen to the “silent majority” in Peachtree City and follow through on promises with action. So here are some of my key platform issues I’d like to address in serving our community:

• 54/74 traffic is the most consistent aggravation in our city. As an engineer and manager, I know this intersection can be vastly improved and maybe even fixed with an overpass/underpass. If elected I will work closely with GA DOT to discuss all the possible solutions for a workable answer, and not just give our citizens more empty promises. GA DOT has money available and resources existing to make this happen at 54/74, but PTC city council may need to contribute more money to make the GA DOT plans work.

• I’m a financial hawk. If elected, I’ll vote to reduce our city’s financial cash reserves from 50% to 30% over time, as the city only requires 25% cash reserve. I’ll also vote to reduce city property taxes by significantly lowering the millage rate to give our citizens more money in their pocket instead of a 17+% tax increase this year. I will consistently watch where and with whom we spend taxpayer’s money.

• I really can’t say this any clearer: No Urbanization, No Mixed-use Development, and No High-Rise Apartments in PTC. We do not need this type of development/redevelopment, as Peachtree City’s Village Concept has made us the envy of planned communities nationwide. I will reliably vote if elected to keep them out of PTC.

• Supporting our Police and First Responders is what all citizens want. If elected I will vote to support them with good compensation, up to date equipment with the latest technology, and the best safety equipment we can buy.

• Jobs are always a hot topic across Georgia, and we in Peachtree City are not immune from this talk. I’ll look at every piece of business/industrial land available in our city and find ways to use it to produce more jobs for our talented citizens. I’ll be a consistent and reliable vote for no rezoning of business/industrial land to residential.

• If elected I plan to push for a revision of the 2022 Comprehensive Plan & Survey onto the city council agenda so that we can see where the council’s votes align. I’ll vote to either go back to the previous 2017 Comprehensive Plan or “Redo” the 2022 Comprehensive Plan/Survey to remove the Urbanization or Mixed-use Development.

• If elected I’ll work to help alleviate the traffic worries in the Planterra area to protect children.

• I hear the cries of our citizens for more recreation areas at city council meetings and I agree. If elected I’ll support recreational re-purposing some existing venues as a good starting point.

On a personal note, here is a small sample of my background and experience:

• Education: Chemical Engineering BS 1971, MBA 1984 (emphasis Economics & Marketing), Environmental Engineering PhD 2007

• PTC Comprehensive Plan 2022: Fought against urbanization and mixed-use housing.

• Fayette County Water Committee — 2021-2022. Committee Member — Extensive experience in all phases of water, stormwater, wastewater, filtration, and engineering design.

• Worked with & fully supported Frank Destadio’s campaign for the 2021 PTC City Council.

• Regular attendee and speaker at PTC City Council and Planning Commission meetings.

• Inventor, engineer, designer & entrepreneur in engineering and business arenas for 40 years.

• Successful 49-year business/technical career: Executive management of multiple small and large technically driven companies. Started, built, and sold 3 technically related companies.

• Sat on multiple Boards of Directors for companies in the water, air, and filtration markets.

• Managed small and medium sized company as a Vice President, President, or CEO.

• Taught Mathematics & Engineering at Metropolitan State University on the campus of University of Colorado, Denver

• Published domestic & international articles on a variety of filtration, air, and water topics.

• Holder of 3 US/1 International patents

• United States Army National Guard, 861st Engineers

• Peachtree City resident since 2020; Knights of Columbus Member Since 2014: Family Director; and Member of Holy Trinity Catholic Church

If you are looking for a reliable city council conservative, someone who hears the voices of our city’s “silent majority,” then I’m the one who asks for you to choose Clint Holland’s name throughout early voting or on November 8th.

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  1. Don,
    Thanks for your comment. I really appreciate knowing the history and will check out your website for details, but just because the highway split was turned down in the past doesn’t mean it is a non-starter today.
    Maybe there are other alternative we can look at for 54/74, but a real fix is pushing through the engineering at GA DOT, and getting the PTC citizens fully behind the project.
    In my opinion, and in my experience, its all about the money. If there is enough money, the project will get done if both parties agree.
    All the best Don,
    Clint Holland
    Candidate for City Council PTC