Child pornography charges lodged against man, 44, arrested in Peachtree City

Joshua Allwine. Photo/Coweta County Sheriff's Office.
Joshua Allwine. Photo/Coweta County Sheriff's Office.

A man living in Peachtree City was arrested on June 16 following an investigation by the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office on a possible child pornography case. Among the evidence seized was a 1,000-page manual entitled “Pedophile’s Handbook.”

Coweta County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Toby Nix said the Criminal Investigation Unit received a report about possible child pornography located on an electronic device owned by 44-year-old Joshua Allwine, formerly of Newnan.

A search warrant was served on Allwine’s new residence in Peachtree City, with the assistance of Peachtree City police on June 15, which uncovered other potential evidence against Allwine, Nix said.

Peachtree City Police Department spokesman Chris Hyatt said that, as part of the agency assist, Peachtree City and Coweta officers had executed a search warrant on Allwine’s residence at the Camden Peachtree City Apartments.

Nix said Allwine was not present at the time of the search warrant’s execution. He was later arrested by Peachtree City Police Department hiding out at a hotel where he had taken his license plate off his vehicle and replaced it with a temporary tag.

Noting the apprehension, Hyatt said officers located Allwine’s vehicle in the parking lot at Sleep Inn near The Avenue, with Allwine soon coming out of the room and being taken into custody.

Nix said that during the investigation, multiple electronic devices belonging to Allwine were discovered to have numerous instances of child pornography. There was also a copy of a “Pedophile’s Handbook” which contained chapters such as: Gaining school access, Evading capture, Potential targets “single moms,” How to destroy evidence, Destruction of DNA evidence, How to penetrate a child (part 1), How to penetrate a child (part 2), along with many other chapters within the 1,000-page manual.

“This illegal data [was] password protected and encrypted. CCSO CIU Investigators were able to decrypt the data and show a wide range of illegal activity going back several years,” said Nix.