Alyson Otto announces for Fayette County Board of Education District 2



[Editor’s note: The Citizen offers each candidate for local office the opportunity of one announcement of candidacy at no charge.]

The following is the announcement by Alyson Otto:

Alyson Otto — Give Me A Chance

There is an expression that states, “How you do anything is how you do everything!” I have worked hard my whole life to achieve my goals.

I am working hard to gain your support and your endorsement. During the last few months while campaigning to be your representative on the Fayette County School Board, I have been out there in the community meeting people.

I have met folks in their homes, in their churches, in restaurants, in stores, on the streets and on social media. I have listened. I have learned. My finger is on the pulse of this community.

Our community is impressive! We have many intelligent and involved parents and those that want to be involved. We have teachers who know what they need to improve their classrooms. We have senior citizens who want to see the next generation get a great education but want their tax dollars used wisely. We have parents of special needs children who don’t know how to navigate the school system.

If you give me the opportunity to represent our community I will:

• Be the voice of the parents

• Ask the tough questions

• Demand transparency

• Care about all our kids

• Propose and strengthen vocational pathways to make them just as successful as our college pathways

• Be fiscally prudent with our tax dollars

• Respect parent information, invite parental involvement

• Improve access for parents of special needs children

• Listen to what our teachers need for better classrooms

• Be a positive voice for our kids and our community’s values

The Epoch Times, Newsmax and The Washington Times, have labeled 2022 as “the year of the parent (party)” because parents across all political spectrums want primary responsibility for their child’s education.

I have children in our schools. I know what challenges parents and children face in 2022 to get a great education. Let’s make a change. Give me a chance! I need your vote. Thank you.

Alyson Otto, District 2 Candidate for Fayette County Board of Education

Election Day is Tuesday, May 24th, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Get out and VOTE!

[The preceding was the initial candidacy announcement by Alyson Otto, who is seeking the Republican nomination for Fayette County Board of Education District 2 in the May 24 Republican Primary. The Citizen offers each candidate for local office the opportunity of one announcement of candidacy at no charge.]


  1. It all sounded good until she mentioned social media as a pulse of the community and her preference for conspiracy theories. Ms. Otto, I do appreciate your honesty – it certainly helps when it comes to decision time.

    By the way, if parents truly “want primary responsibility for their child’s education”, they would home school them.

  2. The Epoch Times, Newsmax and Washington Times? Very conservative news source outlets at best and at times, spread and support conspiracy theories. The Times still owned by Operations Holdings (part of the Unification Movement)? Ahh, sorry “Mama Bear,” no thanks.

    • oh you prefer she quote CNN, Washinton Post or some other liberal hack paper? You don’t need a media outlet to see that parents are outraged by having their rights taken away. If you can’t be part of the solution then maybe you might not want to speak at all.

      • Correction Dudley – parents are outraged about THEIR PERCEPTION of having their rights taken away. Only in the conservative alternative universe are parents of public school children losing any agency. This is an oft repeated canard to rouse what conservatives love to use for motivation – fear of the nefarious “other” who is stalking you every minute to strip you of your freedom.

        You should rather fear authoritarians who will gladly exchange freedom of thought for conformity. This trade has a long history of disastrous consequences, most of which are discovered after the authoritarians force uniformity and quell all dissent – think Vladimir Putin.

        No thanks, Ms. Otto.