Lies, lies, lies


The latest report from Federal prosecutor John Durham makes it clear that Hillary Clinton, the DNC, and other Federal officials conspired to falsely link candidate and President Trump to Russian corrupt interests. In other words, the whole “Russian Collusion” charge was a giant lie from the get-go, and yet one would be hard-pressed to find a more heavily covered story than that during Trump’s tenure.

It was clearly used to first undermine and then remove Trump from office. Put another way, Democratic officials and sympathizers in our government lied in order to remove a duly elected president from office. That’s pretty bad, right?

But that’s not where it ends when it comes to Democrat lies. While the case of George Floyd was indeed tragic, it was used to foster the lie that police officers were engaged in a campaign to murder innocent black men.

The actual statistics showed a much different story, indicating that in 2019 only 9 unarmed black men were killed by cops, whereas some 21 white men suffered the same fate. Even putting aside that these men, though “unarmed,” were still often engaged in some sort of resistance to arrest, the numbers here are way too few to substantiate charges of some sort of murderous campaign against African-Americans.

Never mind. The media stoked the fires of that story, rarely if ever talking about the actual statistics, and used subsequent cases to “prove” the narrative in order to plunge the US into paroxysms of violent rioting and chaos which had the intended effect of, again, undermining the Trump presidency. The pattern was clear, though: Democrats would lie about anything and harm the country in the process in order to take out Trump and get back power.

This pattern continued with the onset of Covid-19. A cabal of scientists and journalists claimed there was no way the virus came from a lab leak in China and that claiming so was both conspiratorial and racist. They lied about the relative effectiveness of various treatment options such as hydroxycholoroquine and ivermectin, seeming to prefer to let people suffer and die than admit there might be valid methods of treating such people before their condition became truly dire.

I’m still not sure why this lie was propagated, but I’m inclined to think it was a combination of intellectual snobbery/pride and the desire to hurt Trump. After all, Biden directly blamed Trump for the deaths of 300,000 Covid victims even though more than twice as many have died under his watch.

The lies continue unabated under Biden, with he and his defenders in the media lying about the causes of inflation, the debacle of the Afghanistan withdrawal (“no one told me the Afghan forces weren’t ready”), the border crisis, and the nature of the Covid pandemic by insisting it is the “pandemic of the unvaccinated.”

These lies not only go unchecked by the media, but are echoed and reaffirmed. When left-leaning people like Joe Rogan dare to question the lies, the Biden administration urges censorship.

I still can’t get over how the Washington Post whined about democracy “dying in darkness” when Trump came to office when it is they and their ilk in politics, media and journalism who have been the agents of darkness by propagating lies to harm their political and cultural foes no matter the damage done to peoples’ lives, the economy or our country’s standing in the world.

The only problem with relying on lies to foster your agenda is that truth eventually does catch up, even in the most tyrannical regimes. It may take a long time and many deaths, but truth will out, and I know that is the case with our wonderful country and people. No matter what the corrupt elites try to foist on our populace, we, like all humans, have an innate desire to truth and will seek it no matter the cost.

Trey Hoffman

Peachtree City, Ga.


  1. Interesting that Hoffman has all of a sudden become offended by lies. The Washington Post confirmed 30,573 false or misleading statements from the 45th president’s lips in his 4 years in office. That is over 21 per day!

    Somehow I missed Trey’s pronounced concerns about prevarications during those four years.

    How easy it is to strain at gnats while swallowing camels.

  2. Once again Trey takes the bait from conservative media and makes a strong claim that cannot be substantiated within his own sourced reference point; in this case the John Durham court filing in Feb ‘22. Therefore, continued reading of his letter beyond the first paragraph here is useless, especially for those searching for factually supported opinion material.

  3. #1, I love that the editor has just given up on trying to come up with a headline for Trey’s rants and went with the one that could be used on every letter for Trey’s: LIES LIES LIES

    We could also use it in every rebuttal of Trey’s letters!

    It’s really too bad Trey prides himself on not reading the comments here, because if he did, he would have seen his main ideas debunked many times over. I won’t go through them point by point here, but this one is rather important, so, quoting my other response to Trey in the other thread …

    If you, too, have wondered whether it’s possible COVID-19 was created in a lab and foisted on the world by the Wuhan Institute of Virology or someone else in China, please please read the article about this in the latest Scientific American! It is erudite, but it IS understandable if you read it carefully! I know you can do it!

    The Citizen doesn’t post my comments with actual links in them, but you can find the very interesting and important article at scientificamerican-dot-com-slash-the-lab-leak-hypothesis-made-it-harder-for-scientists-to-seek-the-truth/

    Or just google “The Lab-Leak Hypothesis Made It Harder for Scientists to Seek the Truth Scientific American,” and the story should pop up, the March, 2022, issue.

    The conclusion of the article is: it is highly unlikely this coronavirus was leaked from the lab in Wuhan (or anywhere else!) but as long as conspiracy theorists continue to promulgate that very minute possibility, it makes it more difficult for scientists to trace the real origins of the virus or examine the ways it might accidentally have escaped from a lab, even if it weren’t created there. This disinformation Trey loves to share is NOT opening anyone’s eyes or waking anyone up; it is, rather, keeping the truth from being uncovered!

    As for this other talking points, they are the same ones that have been answered so many times here! If only Trey could read. The comments here.

    • Sorry forgot to say, one other thing Trey refuses to believe and rails about often is the idea that people of color are unfairly targeted by law enforcement. He admits in this rant, “in 2019 only 9 unarmed black men were killed by cops, whereas some 21 white men suffered the same fate” as if that makes clear POC are NOT targeted. But when you consider there are 5 times as many caucasian Americans as African Americans in the U.S., you can clearly see this numbers skew toward unfair targeting of black men — and it’s even worse when you consider that one out of every 3 African American boys born today will spend some time in jail, compared to one out of every 17 caucasian American boys, on average. The system is skewed, whether Trey is able to admit it or not.

  4. Okay – I usually do not comment on Trey’s letters, but this one is just too, too, what? I don’t even have an adjective that fits. Like many commentaries like this, there are some things that have an element of truth and many that do not. My point is both sides – Democrats and Republicans – lie, propagandize, and create stories to discredit the other. FOX News, CNN especially are propaganda arms for their respective sides, especially their pundits. There is room for everyone at the table, and it is only through consensus and compromise that our country can move forward. That is not the case these days. Both sides are taking a no prisoners, scorch earth approach to each other, and the rest of us are caught up in a cultural civil war. Letter like this do not help. I encourage all of us to get our heads out of talking points, read many sources, think for ourselves, and stop over reacting to every little thing. Take a breath and learn to listen, really listen to each other. Maybe then we can return to civility and be kinder to each other.