Huddleston student takes flight as a published author


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to create a story and share it with the world? Leila Collins, a 5th grader at Huddleston Elementary, experienced excitement and pride when her unique book, “I Woke Up as a Turkey, and Tomorrow’s Thanksgiving!” was published.

In 4th grade, Leila was asked to write a narrative about Thanksgiving in her language arts class. She completed the assignment, but creative new ideas continued to fill her brain, so she revised and improved her writing until it was an intriguing tale with an unexpected ending. She was so excited about her fictional adventure that Leila asked illustrator P. N. Tankersley to add colorful drawings to help readers visualize the imaginative details.

The end result is a book that teachers and students at Huddleston have discovered is a pleasure to read—at Thanksgiving or any time of the year!