Fayette’s 5 high schools rank in top 22 percent on annual 2021 Best High Schools list


McIntosh clocks in at #420 in the nation, #15 in Georgia — 

U.S. News and World Report has ranked all five of Fayette County’s high schools in the top 22 percent in the nation on its annual 2021 Best High Schools list.

Out of the more than 18,000 schools that made the list across the nation, McIntosh High came in at 420 overall, followed by Starr’s Mill High at 717; Whitewater High at 1,731; Sandy Creek High at 3,183; and Fayette County High at 3,985.

McIntosh ranked in the top 2 percent nationally, with Starr’s Mill in the top 4 percent, Whitewater in the top 9 percent, Sandy Creek in the top 17 percent, and Fayette County in the top 22 percent.

As for statewide rankings, all five high schools made the top 100 out of Georgia high schools that made the list. The rankings are as follows: McIntosh High, 15; Starr’s Mill High, 25; Whitewater High, 43; Sandy Creek High, 73; and Fayette County High, 93. — Provided by the Fayette County School System.