The ‘useful idiots’ are back


When reading about how various high-level figures in government, science, and the media “colluded” to suppress the lab-origin theory for the Covid-19 virus in early 2020 when there was no scientific evidence to support the natural zoonotic theory, it reminds me of the many times that the left have given comfort and cover to our enemies while undermining our own nation’s interest.

If we had been more vigilant about pushing China to come clean on the circumstances surrounding the emergence of Covid, we might have prevented the spread through better preventative measures, got a jump start on the vaccine, and saved thousands if not millions of lives worldwide.

But, we didn’t. The elites in our country chose to side with and protect China, perhaps our greatest geo-political foe and perpetrator of egregious human rights offenses. I have no doubt the Chinese Communists looked at our politicians, scientific leadership, media figures, and Big Tech censors who marginalized those who dared to suggest a man-made origin theory as “useful idiots,” people who unknowingly support a duplicitous and dangerous regime while attacking those who would criticize it.

That term, “useful idiots,” was originally coined as a term for Communist sympathizers and defined as follows: “a citizen of a non-communist country sympathetic to communism, who was regarded by communists as naive and susceptible to manipulation for propaganda or other purposes.”

The Soviets are well documented to have used many such useful idiots during the Cold War to foment political agitation in the West and distract the political leadership and populations in general from focusing on their misdeeds while attacking each other internally.

Much of the anti-Vietnam War movement was led and stoked by these types of agents, who provided cover for Communist agendas by portraying them as benign and humanitarian, while characterizing their own country’s anti-Communist efforts as malign and cruel. Both Lee Harvey Oswald and Jane Fonda would fall into this category, but there were many thousands or more in all facets of US society who sought to diminish the cruelties of Communist states while incessantly pointing out the flaws of American society.

For these useful idiots, Ho Chi Minh, Kruschev, Mao Zedong, Pol Pot, etc., were not the bad guys. No, for them, the bad guy was Nixon, and he is still portrayed to this day as a kind of evil boogeyman, when in fact he enacted policies that were a mixture of conservative and liberal, ended the war in Vietnam by forcing a truce, opened relations with China, and oversaw the creation of the EPA.

But the useful idiots of the time didn’t care about his real accomplishments and instead sought to demonize him and the Vietnam war effort in general. In spite of that, Nixon was able to bring the North Vietnamese to the bargaining table and negotiate the Paris Peace Accords of 1973.

However, the useful idiots could not be appeased, so after Nixon resigned in 1974, they and their allies in Congress refused to back South Vietnam and let it fall in 1975, which resulted in the deaths of millions of Vietnamese and Cambodian people in the years following. Did the useful idiots care about their plight? Not. One. Bit. What’s the death of a few million Indo-Chinese when you can take down Nixon?

These same people continued their reign of stupidity during the Reagan years, when they constantly and mercilessly criticized him for being tough on the USSR and other Communist states, holding them accountable for their misdeeds and lies and building up our military in order to make sure they thought twice before provoking us and, in a brilliant strategic move, forcing them to increase their military spending.

This crippled their already weak economies and forced them to adopt the policy of Perestroika, which started as a way to loosen the shackles of the Soviet economy, but ended up, like a string pulled from a blanket, resulting in the gradual unravelling of the Soviet empire.

The Cold War, in spite of the efforts of the useful idiots, was won without a shot being fired, at least directly between the USA and USSR, because the truth of the issues could not be suppressed and the efforts of principled people like Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher ultimately proved too strong for the Communist states to resist in spite of constant opposition and undermining by the left.

Flash forward to 2020. The useful idiots are at it again, but this time the Communist state they are seeking to protect is China. Why? Because another guy they hate, Trump, said China was responsible for the emergence of Covid-19. Regardless of — no, in spite of — what the science said or didn’t say, these people in government, science, the media, and Big Tech chose to defend and protect the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) rather than countenance the possibility that Orange Man Bad might be right about the origin of the most deadly pathogen in recent memory.

Their insistence on quashing the lab-origin theory and even resorting to calling it the “Europe Virus” at one point likely lost us valuable time in tracing the origins, developing treatments, and holding the Chinese properly accountable for the deaths of over 3 million global citizens and the mass economic disruption of untold millions more.

But, as we have seen before, these useful idiots don’t really care about the people who get hurt as a result of their policies and agendas. They are literally willing to sacrifice innocent people in order to tear down and defeat their domestic political enemies.

I’m sure the Communist power brokers in China are stting back and laughing as they get away with murder while we descend into political infighting and general societal chaos caused by other useful idiot causes, like BLM, whose leadership, by the way, are avowed Marxists (no surprise there, really).

It appears we can’t learn our lessons from history, perhaps because the useful idiots have largely taken over that discipline and the education bureaucracy that indoctrinates our children rather than educating them. But, the one thing that keeps the idiots from winning is that the truth is not on their side, and they are almost always opposed to God himself, and so have no divine assistance for their hateful causes.

Let’s hope truth and providence carries us through this current maelstrom of deceit and self-destruction sooner than later, and that we as a people, as a nation of united peoples, stop protecting and coddling our true enemies and instead embrace our neighbors and political opposites as friends and cooperators in this greatest ongoing experiment in democracy, the United States of America.

Trey Hoffman

Peachtree City, Ga.


  1. Wow, speaking of useful idiots, I never knew there were so many in Fayette County. Trey Hoffman’s letters certainly bring them out, with their “tolerance” on display in every response. You all wish Trey would see things your way, what makes you think you are right?

    • Who keeps telling people like that you that you’re entitled to tolerance? It’s something you earn. And people like Trey, when they spout drivel like this, abdicate themselves of the privilege of respect. Trey and pawns like him simply regurgitate what they’re told through right-wing propaganda and it all essentially boils down to “blah blah blah america number one blah blah blah deep state elites blah blah blah media bad blah blah blah everyone that disagrees with me is a commie.” Not sure why I expected any different thought since a little over half of Fayette Country still chose to vote for Trump in 2020, which is why I will always prefer the dirty streets of a blue city over the dirty conservatives of the suburbs/countryside. Word of advice: You want tolerance? Be tolerable.

      • You’re confused. Respect is earned. Tolerance is granted willingly as a form of permission which supports alterity. You’d do well to learn the concept of Tolerity, since this left wing propaganda about entitlement and privilege isn’t working out for you left wingers. And the right wingers are learning how to riot from you.

  2. We know Trey professes not to read the comments; nevertheless I persevere in encouraging him to look for hope and peace outside the political arena, because his obsession is making him unhappy and clearly stressed out. Trey, it isn’t good for you to stay so focused on the negative. I think you should take Suz’s suggestion and return to your promise last fall to focus on the positive … If that takes getting offline and turning off the news, please, for your own sake, do it.

    And for what it’s worth, I join in your whole-heartedly in your sentiment …

    “Let’s hope truth and providence carries us through this current maelstrom of deceit and self-destruction sooner than later, and that we as a people, as a nation of united peoples, stop protecting and coddling our true enemies and instead embrace our neighbors and political opposites as friends and cooperators in this greatest ongoing experiment in democracy, the United States of America.”

    This is exactly what progressives and Democrats want! Let’s have truth carry us through the Big Lie that there was a stolen election, let’s stop coddling and kowtowing to the true enemy of democracy — the former president whose supporters attacked our government in insurrection — let’s get the two-party system back to cooperation instead of filibustering and nuclear optioning every move by the Democrats, and let’s move on as friends and cooperators!

    I think we can all agree on this.

  3. So, new here, but why is Trey the only letter the Citizen selects – – seriously.
    Trey, Make Friends
    Put the Fox News channel and Tucker Carlson Down.
    Read a book
    Play softball.
    If not, please wear your own moniker, “Useful Idiot”, though I am still contemplating what the use is….

      • Hey PTC,
        It has never been that serious, I find adult ways to manage day to day problems and if needed…go straight to City Council meetings to air these differences.
        Part of our challenge in maintaining civility is refraining from using any and every communication avenue as political jabs and we need to find better ways to resolve issues.
        I see venues like the Citizen to present information to the citizens of our county of interest…not rhetorical circle jerking.

        • Cway – I know you are new to the site. Just expect PTC to disagree with anything you post. S/He even criticizes and argues with people attempting to agreeably engage him/her.

          • Hi, Stranger–
            Now I will be disappointed if PTC doesn’t disagree with your observation that
            S/He disagrees with everything!

            And insults me, for good measure! I’m thinking…
            “insufferable suz…”

            As an aside to Cway–
            welcome. I consider the more voices, the better.
            I have learned something from everyone in our little

  4. Idiot wind
    Blowing through the keyboard strikes
    Blowing through the letters Trey writes
    Idiot wind
    Blowing through the dust on their shelves
    They’re GQP idiots, babe
    It’s a wonder they can even read for themselves
    [Lyrics by Bob Dylan, err … Doon]

  5. Trey Hoffman–
    Your letter and the one before this have left me wondering what has happened to your assurances from 6 months ago (Nov. 18th
    Letters To the Citizen).
    You penned, “I will continue to try and love my enemy, to answer
    their hatred with love and compassion, to “turn the other cheek”,
    and strive for a society based on love and not hate.” Hmmm…

    Perhaps you might entertain the idea that those who disagree with you are not simply “idiots”, useful or not. That we are all
    hoping and working for a better world, just like yourself.

    By all means, let us discover where the COVID virus originated.
    Let us discover who or what is responsible. Not to assign blame. Not to stoke hatred, even against those who may wish us
    harm. Rather let us learn how to prevent another tragedy.

    Meanwhile, and in my opinion much more importantly, let us join
    with every country, worldwide, and eradicate COVID. EVERY nation where our brothers and sisters under one Father are suffering. Yes, even the country we might eventually find responsible for this madness.

    You will surely call me a “useful idiot”.
    I maintain that The Beatitudes call me “blessed”; or as my favorite translation says, “happy are they…”.
    You have certainly not seemed so in a long time, Trey.

    • Suz – You are much more charitable than am I when it comes to this simpleton – understatement of the year. All I see is a pathetic, little man who conflates every canard from the far right with the most intolerant aspects of evangelical Christianity and narcissistically dispenses this amalgamation of narrow-mindedness each week in some embarrassing desire to see his name in print.

      This week’s contribution is most ironic. Trey identifies his enemies as “useful idiots” for unquestioningly promulgating some ideology with which he disagrees, while unquestioningly promulgating the ideology he heard last night on cable news.

      Why are splinters in another’s eye so easily detected while planks in his own are so easily ignored?

      • Stranger–
        Trust me, I understand your reaction to Mr.
        Hoffman’s combative rants. It is rather the old saying of “laughing to keep from
        crying.” Perhaps with a bit of cursing thrown in. I get it.

        Mostly though, I feel great sympathy for him. Trey is fond of reminding us that the
        truth will set us free…but whatever truth he espouses is certainly not liberating him.
        Each successive letter seems to leave him
        more angry and bitter; on the point of despair.

        This from above–“But, the one thing that keeps the idiots from winning is that the truth is not on their side, and they are almost always opposed to God himself, and so have no divine assistance for their hateful causes.” Oh, my goodness.

        Speaking for the idiots (and I’m okay with that!), the ‘truth’ on our side is the things that endure–faith, hope, and love. And
        yes, they do indeed set us free in all

        We idiots don’t dwell on opposing God
        Himself–why would we? We trust He
        is the One who is for us. All of us. That
        is the source of our joy.

        Finally, if somehow our desire for peace,
        equality, and justice is somehow a “hateful cause”, let’s hope Divine intervention will cover even that idiocy, too!

        (For what it’s worth–I appreciate your replies/comments.
        But as we know…wait for it…I’m an idiot!)

  6. Logic-challenged Trey Hoffman pens an entire letter about “useful idiots” without a single reference to the 45th President, the big lie, the January 6 insurrection, Tucker Carlson, or Sean Hannity. Talk about straining at gnats and swallowing camels!

    Truth is stranger than fiction!