Local mom of 3 in need of help


My name is Alyssa Coiro and my husband’s name is John Coiro and I have three children: Ariel (16), Brennan (12), and Dante (10). We live in 207 Preston Circle, Peachtree City.

Unfortunately, I have a very long and sad story. This is my story:

My husband John joined the Army in the 1980s when he was 18 years old. When he became a major he started full time. We met each other 21 years ago, in Japan, sitting next to each other. It took us seven years to date and get married.

When my daughter Ariel was 5 years old and my son Brennan was 1 years old we found out that I had Stage 2 breast cancer. I had a small piece removed and I thought I would be alright. I tried hard to eat well and to search other options besides Tamoxifen, a powerful drug.

During that time, just 6 months later, I became pregnant with my youngest son, Dante. A month later, I found out that the cancer had returned. Pregnant, Dante and I went through chemotherapy together.

It was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done. Fortunately, Dante and I had a natural birth at my father’s house in Franklin, Massachusetts. Unfortunately, my husband was in Iraq and I had to go through chemotherapy by myself. The Army allowed my husband to be be there for Dante’s birth, but then a week or so later he was sent back to Iraq.

John, my husband, eventually came home from Iraq. We’ve lived in Long Island, NY; Fort Gordon GA; Iowa; Maryland; Virginia; and now my children’s favorite, Peachtree City, GA. This should be our house permanently now.

After Maryland we started searching for a home to live in Virginia. Right about that time my head started hurting me a lot. I started vomiting frequently. I just assumed it was because I was eating natural foods and that was causing it.

A few weeks later, I had a severe stroke and was sent to Johns Hopkins. I was so lucky to be sent there. They kept me in the ICU for about 5 days and the doctors thought I was doing well. The next day, I had a second stroke that was even more severe. I was placed in a coma for 45 days.

At 40 days my doctors called my family and friends and told them that I wasn’t going to make it. It was time to say goodbye. When everyone came to visit with me and say goodbye, my doctors decided to try one more different drug. Soon after, I woke up. I’ve been told that it was a miracle. My doctors in Johns Hopkins said it truly was. However, they did say that it is very unlikely that I will walk or talk again.

They placed me in a section of the hospital for stroke individuals to work with CT, PT, and Speech Therapists. My children at the time were 5, 7, and 11 years old. They were my motivation. Each day I worked so hard so I could go home with my family. The next challenge was to learn how to see well again. In the beginning, it was really hard for me see anything. Slowly each day my eyes began to improve and eventually over the years I could finally drive in the golf cart again.

As the months went on, I began to speak, walk, and dress by myself. Eventually I was sent home, but every 2 weeks my surgeon had to go through my brain to rebuild certain parts. I had to continue with that for another 2 more years. Unfortunately, I was told that it cost almost a million dollars to rebuild my brain. Some is paid for, but my husband will continue to pay for my brain probably for a very long time.

Over the past 5 years, I am so lucky that I can speak well, write, and use certain parts of the left side of my brain again. Even though I have gained so many improvements, I was told by my eye doctor that I won’t be able to drive with a car again. The good news is that over the years, I’ve been able to drive in a golf cart. These moments have been some of the best moments of my life. I truly feel free again.

Unfortunately, my next hurdle was that I felt another large spot in my breast. It turned out that my breast cancer was back and this time Stage 4. It has been a very challenging journey. Every month I see my oncologist and get 3 shots to keep the cancer under control in my back and in my legs. It can be difficult for me to walk and pick up my kids. My bones are very uncomfortable and painful most days, especially during my “shot days.” The good news is that if I continue to eat well I most likely can live for 10-15 years on average.

I wish I could tell you that this is the end of my story. Unfortunately, the most costly and most expensive current problem is my teeth. Sadly, my teeth have turned black and are falling apart. The shots and pills that my oncologist gives to save me unfortunately, is destroying my teeth. To be fair, my teeth were not the best, but since my oncologist started giving me the shots, my teeth turned black and have started to fall apart. My husband and I were told over the past few weeks by my dentist that the total will cost $80,000 to get my teeth fixed.

My husband and myself have never asked anybody to help us ever in our lives. This is the first time. We are very proud people and this is hard to ask. I saw a website saying that Golf Rider was donating some items for people in need. Mrs. Patti Kadkhodaian suggested that I contact you to help me. My daughter is starting work and going to school so I have no way to get food and items, but most importantly, to visit with some of my doctors. Also, when I need to pick up my boys from school I walk the best I can, but it is definitely a challenge to get home. It’s so hard for me to walk most days.

If you know of anybody that would be willing to donate a golf cart for me so that I can see my doctor, to pick up my boys from school, and of course to buy food. It would truly mean the world to me. I understand that there might be people that are more needy than myself. If you are able to help me in any way I would appreciate it so much. Thanks again for everything.

Alyssa Coiro

Cell: 1-862-684-2018

207 Preston Circle

Peachtree City, GA 30269