Popeyes replaces Bruster’s on Lexington Circle


The Bruster’s ice cream store at Lexington Circle on Ga. Highway 54 East is slated to be replaced with a Popeyes restaurant.

The conceptual site plan and exterior architecture (elevations) for the new restaurant were unanimously approved Oct. 12 by the Peachtree City Planning Commission.

The proposal for the .85-acree site at 103 Lexington Circle, just south of the CVS store, was to demolish the exiting ice cream store and construct a 2,400 sq. ft. restaurant with a drive-thru window and 28 parking spaces.

Building elevations are required to comply with the Lexington Circle Design Guidelines.

The proposed building is primarily brick with vertical wood panel accents in the front and rear elevations. The top of the proposed building does emphasize a distinct profile or outline by the use of projecting parapets and cornices. Architectural elements such as colored shutters, windows, changes in plane, metal awnings and rowlock sills provide visual interest, city planning staff said.

Staff said the proposal met ordinances and standards requirements and recommended approval.


    • Actually it’s 4 cfas and 3 zaxby’s. But I’m excited for the variety instead of the wasted resources on installing the other stupid places that you mentioned. Over saturated franchises are pretty common in this area so I’m going to embrace some change finally. Let’s get a burger king next 😋

    • Do you all really want the government picking winners and losers by dictating what kind of food a restaurant will serve? I don’t. I think you will discover that Zaxby’s and Popeyes have different price points and clientele. Neither is a “chicken place” as is Kentucky Fried Chicken or the real fried chicken you get at a meat and 3 place.

      The city only reviews architecture and landscaping and parking spots. Menus and restaurant themes or franchises are off limits at properly run planning commission meetings. They have been doing pretty good since they stumbled back in the 1990’s when they told KFC could not have a red roof, McDonald’s could have no arches and most famously every shopping center was required to have at least 1 Mexican or Chinese restaurant – hopefully both.

      I’m proud the planning commission has matured into the what it has become. Keep up the good work.