Fayette schools report 102 students quarantined, 6 new cases

Graphic provided by the Fayette County School System.
Graphic provided by the Fayette County School System.

Information on the Covid-19 update provided by Fayette County Public Schools for Aug. 22-28 showed six new student cases and two new staff cases of the virus.

Updated on Aug. 28, the number of students attending in-school classes totaled 13,703.

The report noted six new student cases of Covid-19, along with two new staff cases.

As of Aug. 28, there were 102 students remaining in isolation or quarantine, and there were 25 staff remaining in isolation or quarantined, the school system said.

Asked why the school system is only providing the number of total positive cases and quarantines within the school system and not by school, officials said the number of positive Covid-19 cases are so low that infected individuals could be easily identified, putting the school system in violation of HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) laws. Parents will be notified if there is a case at their child’s school.


  1. FCBOE has not shared any intention of going “green”. The re-entry plan which is hidden on their website does not define “low or no spread” of COVID-19. Students and families are not being well served. Meanwhile, FCBOE is providing school-based daycare to students grades preK-5 who are children of FCPS staff. My four children are home being supervised and taught by me Monday through Wednesday indefinitely. FCBOE blatantly disregarded the overwhelming majority of survey respondents who favored brick and mortar instruction for their children. This is how our tax dollars are being spent. Wake up people!

  2. When does Fayette county BOE look to move to green? Cowetta county is in September. There is no information on on the website and seems like the system is hiding. Ask parents how it is going teaching their kids when they are paying for the school board???
    Come on people. Somebody needs to raise this higher up!