Leftists use government power to frame opponents


In the annals of history, I predict that one will not find a scandal so egregious and deplorable as the one we are now uncovering. Trump has dubbed it “Obamagate,” but in fact its predecessor Watergate look like high school hijinks.

The beauty of our country is that we have a Constitution that was explicitly set up to check the power of not only government in general, but of each branch of government in relation to the others.

It is designed to withstand the vagaries of human fallenness, to protect the people from politicians and bureaucrats who, in their inevitable quest for power, will seek to override our rights to impose their view of the “public good.”

And so those on the Left should have trusted our Constitution to be a check on Donald Trump and to prevent him from being able to execute the more dictatorial policies that they imagined he had.

But the Left does not trust the Constitution because they don’t like it. It gets in the way of imposing their will on the populace, whether by protecting religious liberties, free speech, or by curtailing the power of the majority to impose its will on a minority.

And so when threatened by the election of Trump, those on the Left within the FBI decided to take out an “insurance policy,” as disgraced FBI agent Peter Strzok called it. He and other actors within the FBI, DOJ, and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) thus began their effort to both delegitimize the election and undermine the Trump administration since they understood that a Trump victory was possible.

The DNC commissioned the Steele Dossier, which purported to document various nefarious and even perverse interactions between Trump and the Russians, and then the FBI used it to justify spying on the Trump campaign.

At the same time it was known that the Russians were meddling in the election by using fake Facebook accounts to spread misinformation. Later, Democrats and their friends in the media would assert that Trump colluded with the Russians to carry out this social media sabotage and the fact that the FBI was investigating it was all the proof you needed.

Never mind that the Russian shenanigans were pathetic and transparently silly, and that there was zero proof that their “fake news” posts influenced one person to change their vote, or that it was clear that the real reason for Hillary’s loss was her stupid neglect of blue collar voters in key states like Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

No. None of this mattered. The job at hand was now to paint the election as illegitimate and the new administration as hopelessly corrupt. And so the FBI, the Democrats, and the press colluded to make this case and embroiled our nation in two and a half years of needless scandal and controversy.

There’s been so much acrimony and back and forth that we forget what is obvious. Obama at least allowed if not encouraged the FBI to investigate the presidential campaign of the opposing party based on “evidence” conjured up by the political organization responsible for the 2016 Democratic presidential campaign.

They sought not to simply dig up dirt on Trump, of which there was plenty, but to fabricate it using the levers of government power. In Watergate, Nixon’s henchmen simply wanted to find some dirt in the Democrats and broke into an office to do so. A despicable act, to be sure. But the FBI wasn’t used for this purpose, nor was a report commissioned by the Republicans used to justify spying on their political enemy.

Instead, Leftists illegally used government power to frame their political enemies and severely undermine the legitimacy of our governing system just because they really didn’t like Trump and felt entitled to electoral victory since Clinton won the popular vote.

This kind of underhanded manipulation of the key institutions of our country — the government and the press — to achieve malicious political goals by any means necessary is, frankly, unprecedented.

It beggars belief to think Obama or Biden had nothing to do with it, which is why maybe Obama’s been so vocal since General Flynn was exonerated. I’m sure he and others fear that the house of cards they’ve constructed may be ready to collapse, and that in spite of the mainstream press’s desire to quash this story and keep the facts hidden, the truth will in fact come to light.

There will be some serious reckoning for both the Democrats and their cronies in the press. Unlike them, I have faith in our country and the Constitution to achieve true justice in the face of insidious attacks on our polity by people who believe they are above the law, above democracy, and indeed above God in their quest for power and dominion.

God help us all.

Trey Hoffman

Peachtree City, Ga.