Fayetteville OKs 4-season logo, slogans to brand the city


Fayetteville has a new city logo, approved May 7 by the Fayetteville City Council. The logo comes with multi-colored alternatives depicting seasonal variations, and features the new City Hall complex.

The council voted unanimously to approve the logo.

The logo design, a black representation of the City Hall complex on white background, comes with four other renderings using colors from the city’s brand palette, and denoting the four yearly seasons.

The council agreed to let staff decide which color rendering will be used on the monument sign outside the new city complex, now under construction on Stonewall Avenue.

Staff in the presentation also noted the overview of the city’s brand slogans. Those slogans include, “No Limits on Imagination,” “Embracing the Future” and “Innovating the Future of Community.”

The three city slogans will be interchangeable depending on the message the city is communicating.

For all general purposes the primary city slogan of “No Limits on Imagination” will be used.

For policy and community development related initiatives the secondary slogan of “Embracing the Future” will be used.

For economic development initiatives the slogan of “Innovating the Future of the Community” will help serve in communicating the city’s mission.


  1. As long as they don’t take this so far and paint it in Rainbow colors for Pride Month (Well, the rainbow colors were originally a sign from God to Moses after the flood…how did they hijack that?)