Fayette should apologize for library’s Rainbow Story Time


In response to the Letter to the Editor by Suzanne Sports, “’Infectious Joy’ At Library’s Rainbow Story Time.”

Thank you to Suzanne Sports and The Citizen for bringing to my attention that on March 7, the Fayette County Library hosted an event titled “Rainbow Story Time,” at which the group PFLAG, which promotes the LBGTQ+LMNOP cause, read “books celebrating diverse families.”

The stories featured a young boy taking part in the wedding of his two moms; a child with two dads at a Mother’s Day school gathering; a transgendered youngster welcoming a new baby into their family; and finally, a short sweet tale questioning stereotypes entitled ‘Pink Is For Boys.’” Suzanne Sports quoted for Isaiah 11:6, “… and a little child shall lead them.”

I suggest Suzanne Sports be a bit more thorough in her Bible study, and she would see that Satan too knows Holy Scripture, and can use it to his own purposes (St. Matthew 4).

The Bible is filled with good things to say about homosexuality, the effeminate, and cross dressing. See Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13, Deuteronomy 22:5, Romans 1:25-32, and 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 to name a few passages. And don’t forget what happened to Sodom and Gomorrha (Genesis 19).

The Church teaches that homosexuality is a sin that cries out to God for vengeance. This is because it completely distorts and overturns the natural order that male and female He created them (Genesis 2:21-24, St. Matthew 19:4-6).

I call on the Fayette County Library to cease such activities, the Board of Commissioners to issue a public apology and statement condemning the event, and reprimanding those responsible to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

The Library, an educational public resource, was used to promote the lie that men can be women and women men, that man and man, or woman and woman, is the same as man and wife. Our Lord said “from the beginning it was not so.” Public property and government should not be used to promote the homosexual agenda.

Government has the responsibility to promote the good, protect the innocent, and punish evil. Our public education and libraries likewise has the duty to teach truth and not falsehood.

Our secular state has said to keep God out of the classrooms and the public square, that government should stay neutral. But there is no neutral. Secularism is anti-God. Any claim or suggestion to equality or shared use of the public square for Christian and non-Christian teaching (homosexual agenda) is evil. It is equating truth and falsehood, right and wrong, good and evil. A government which promotes the false, the wrong, the evil, is tyrannical.

The PFLAG and Suzanne Sports types like to say, “Keep the government out of our bedrooms.” Well, keep your bedrooms out of the public. They have their Gay Pride Parades down Main Street. They indoctrinate children in our schools and at our public libraries. Christ warned, “But he that shall scandalize one of these little ones that believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone should be hanged about his neck, and that he should be drowned in the depth of the sea,” St. Matthew 18:6.

Far too long have conservatives kept quiet, allowing the liberal minority to push further and further. Conservatives relied on the silent majority to win elections and keep the status quo. And conservatives would say, “But what can we do, this is the price of freedom, and we believe in liberty.”

But liberty is the right to the good, not evil, that is license, the perversion of liberty. And remaining silent in the face of evil, is not an option — qui tacet consentire videtur: he who is silent appears to consent.

Remember Edmund Burke said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Christ is the King of all. He isn’t King of Church, or Sundays, or our homes and private lives only. He is King of all. King of the Universe. This includes the public square.

So to bracket this off and say no this is “neutral” and promote evil is to deny Him what is rightfully His. Remember Christ said, “But because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold, nor hot, I will begin to vomit thee out of my mouth.” Apocalypse 3:16. Let us not fail to act, for I fear if we do, we will find that at our particular judgment, we will cry “Lord, Lord,” and He will say, “Depart from me for I never knew you.” St. Matthew 7:23.

So with Christ as our King, and Our Lady as our Patroness, let us say:

Down with the Rainbow Flag and Up with the Cross!

All Hail Christ the King! Viva Cristo Rey!

Jason Passmore

Catholic, Conservative, Retrograde

Fayetteville, Ga.


  1. You know what, I think this person put it best when he said, “The Library, [is] an educational public resource,” but in the same breath misses this point completely. Instead of using the “Rainbow Story Time” as an “educational resource” to learn more about these gracious people, who took time out of their weekend to come read stories to the public, he just made a completely false assumption about what actually occurred at the story time. If he would have taken the time to show up and had the fortitude to stay through the program, he would have heard these stories first hand, had a blast dancing to the most infectious songs, and come to realize the PFLAG people are just that, people. There was nothing wrong, evil, insidious, or false about any of the stories that were read; for the record “Pink Is For Boys” was actually a story that quite literally said “Pink is for both boys and girls; blue is for girls and boys; white is for boys and girls… etc.” What is so evil about validating that your favorite color is just that, your favorite color no matter who you are. I have attended multiple story times with my child, and for the last two months the themes have all been about kindness, and showing appreciation for *everybody;* literally, Hispanic, bilingual, Islamic, and LGBTQ. The fact that this gentleman thinks the library needs to apologize for a program about showing kindness, shows he is not willing to learn the lessons he’s supposed to be as a Christian. Maybe next time, he’ll do a little research and step outside his comfort zone and try to learn to love more openly, because that is what Rainbow Story Time did for me and my family.

  2. Fortunately, the numbers of these antiquated views are steadily declining and will continue, especially with the demise of the Boomer generation. You can whine and wail all you want, but it isn’t going to do much good. You know why? Because you’re not in the majority any more. Society has changed. It will continue to change until we pass on from this life. I’m not going to tell you that you shouldn’t hold your views, but I am telling you that relatively few are embracing them.

    I’m curious about something – why did your God, create LBGTQ people if they are not in alignment with his thinking? God created all creatures – is that not true? As another poster mentioned, this isn’t about conversion. It’s about recognizing and understanding. Something you poor things were never taught – and that’s a shame.

    • No, his opinion is his and as citizen in our community, his opinion is as open to public commenting as are your comments and mine. I disagree with Mr. Passmore’s comments and reasoning, though The Citizen opinion sections represents all viewpoints within reason from our community. Thanks for eye-listening ~

    • Living amongst Mormans, Mr. Passmore’s perspective is not limited to a generational label; in fact, his views are common amongst millions in our country. I think we both, you and me, have a far greater respect for our global shared human experiences, our differences and our similarities, and from public, non-partisan polling, are in agreement with separating church values from our shared values of respect for diversity.

      By the way, I’m at the tail-end of the “Boomer” generation, and I have never been a believer or follower of Mr. Passmore’s religious perspective. Many of my undergraduate learners, the Gen Z’ers, have the same perspective as Mr. Passmore outlines in his opinion letter. Labels do not define the who, what, or why of us; our actions and deeds do that nicely. And I agree with you 100% that listening, learning, and understanding is how we go about learning and sharing from and with all persons. Thanks to you also for eye-listening to my response.

  3. “The PFLAG and Suzanne Sports types,” sneers Jason — Ha! I say thank God for “The PFLAG and Suzanne Sports types” who stand together to make sure LGBTQ folks know they are loved, valued, seen, that their kids are safe and should be proud. What on earth could be wrong with that?

    Everyone can cherry-pick Bible verses to make their point (as you see on full display in Jason’s letter), so I could mention verses like “God was reconciling the world to himself in Christ” (2 Corinthians 5:19) — not reconciling only conservative Christians but “the world,” or verses such as, “For as in Adam all die, so in Christ, all will be made alive” (1 Corinthians 15:22) — ALL made alive, not just those who believe the specific way Jason believes, but ALL. If you follow my train of chosen Scriptures you will come to the inevitable conclusion that God loves and includes EVERYONE, not just a few chosen ones who eschew sin and live the way Jason would like us all to live, but even “The PFLAG and Suzanne Sports types”!

    So whose Bible verses are right — mine, which point to love and inclusion, or Jason’s which point to exclusion and which sound, frankly, very angry and aggressive? You can decide, but what I like to do is think which set comes closest to the example of Christ who embraced the outcasts and losers, and reserved his anger for the religious excluders … And in this light, I feel like love and inclusion are the way to go. Which means that the Rainbow Reading event was right on, too.

    • Thank you, Visionaryjax ~ I am so genuinely happy to read about the Rainbow Story Time. My days of taking grandchildren to story time have been replaced with making their own stories and checking out books to explore the world from the many perspectives of life ~ Thanks again ~

  4. I don’t come to this from a real religious view. Marriage should not even be sanctioned by the government in anyway…which began as an effort to stop blacks/whites from marrying. Before government got involved, churches performed this duty. Marriage today should be done by just registering the union (like we register cars) if you want to make it “legal”. Let society and opinions and local morality standards be allowed to accept or not accept those who marry same sex/relatives or animals. But since the majority do not agree with same sex marriage, it should not be promoted by our schools or libraries or any government entity.
    Fayette library: Stop doing this now…you are using our tax dollars to push a belief which the majority of the community does not believe.

    • Right you are Flagstander! Government money should not pay for this just like the actual law says tax dollars should not be used to perform abortions. Edmund Burke’s centuries old premise is as valid today as it was then. Government overreach by those inside the beltway, social engineering creatures (and their wannabes in 50 states) are more dangerous than terrorists – and there are probably a lot more of them.

      No real reason for government to be involved in marriage and of course the history of how it did is uncomfortable. Let’s correct that and apply a new standard to new and progressive ideas promoted by the attention seekers who use the parts of government they can to promote extreme minority views. That new standard should be – how did we handle this before government got involved? Has government made it better or worse? Not sure? Ok let’s have a referendum in each state and the majority view can prevail there.

      If a state wants to license gay marriage without providing spousal benefits, that would be ok for that state. Or if that state wanted to provide spousal benefits – fine, but just that state. Same with abortion – legal or not? License doctors who provide the service – fund them for poor people if you want – but only in that state. Let the residents of that state decide what kind of social values (if any) they want. It is their state after all. Let them vote.

      I think I’m on firm ground here when I say the values, morals and adherence to religion vary from community to community but generally speaking like-minded folks make up those communities. City and county governments should not have the power to enact and fund (or not fund) things like abortion on demand or gay spousal rights, nor do they have the money. But the states do and they should decide statewide how things like that are handled.

      National government should not be dealing with this. Both political parties look incredibly stupid when they force their national candidates to have pre-conceived positions on gay marriage, abortion and other social engineering projects better decided at the state level. In fact that’s why politicians lie all the time – they start out being told by their political party what they must say about certain issues regardless of their own personal beliefs. Does that make any kind of sense?

      Let each state decide for themselves about these issues. That way every single citizen becomes more empowered because of not only their statewide vote, but they also have the right to move to a state that suits their personal views. Personally, I’m sure I can stay in Georgia because it will share my values – but if I am wrong I know I am free to shop around for a state that allows abortions for the health of the mother only to be performed by doctors who are licensed for that and funding by Medicade when appropriate; gay marriage not appropriate, but discrimination or violence against same sex couples would be a hate crime; no state income tax or sales tax – follow the New Hampshire model of government takeover of the liquor business; no regulation about buying or selling health insurance across state lines; eliminate the forced inclusion of subsidized housing in new developments; relocation of homeless to old army bases where they live free = provided they work 10 hours a week and take job-related course 20 hours a week; have a stronger work requirement in welfare payments; an annual stipend to all residents like they do for oil in Alaska or maple syrup in Vermont; paid protesters must wear a badge stating who is paying them and how much; and best of all, eliminate political party primary elections – just go jungle type in Nov with a runoff 2 weeks later.

        • “Give me Liberty or give me Death” What Patrick Henry meant by that was not only liberty from the oppressive English government, but liberty from a powerful few in the new United States government. Before the ink was dry on the Constitution (and probably earlier) Henry thought the different regions of the country and therefore the states were too different to be governed by the same set of laws and by a select few men who may favor one region’s values over the others. Indeed others felt the same way which is why the electoral college was created as well as the House of Reps/Senate differences.

          Henry’s hot button was slavery, but he expressed it to my grandkids (in Williamsburg) as fisherman from Cape Cod are concerned about different things than the merchant in Philadelphia. And the plantation owner that produces cotton probably has different concerns as well. Pretty profound for the 1780’s but here we are today with the blue states and the red states fighting over power or influence over federal government. Nothing actually gets accomplished. Learning from history is still a valid thing to do.

          Maybe Trump can use his second term to restore true state’s rights and strip the feds power over education, marriage, abortion, gay rights and give it all back to the states. Once again I’m glad Hillary isn’t president. The virus thing is terrible but could be a lot worse with terrible leadership. Trump has already saved lives, maybe he can save the country in his second term with help from a Republican House of Reps. Of course restoring state’s rights will be called racist by that annoying ABC reporter and some others, but who cares.

  5. The writer obviously has firm beliefs and convictions. The vast majority of us who would agree with him have no thought of a theocracy nor would we or our kids bully someone with gender dysphoria. The issue is respect in a pluralistic society. Though legal there is a large portion of the population that disagrees at minimum and a significant portion that objects on long established and accepted moral grounds. Add to this the growing data of increased unhappiness and mental illness even for, maybe especially for, those who are allowed to chemically or surgically pursue this desires into artificial change and you have genuine valid questions as to the wisdom and safety involved, especially for kids. There is no doubt that the process of pushing for normalization of gender dissolution has been militant and would have never made it this far if it followed the normal or logical course of legislative development guided by the will of the people but instead had been punched through by a minute number of activist judges who have invented rights to trample on voters, the will of the people. Like the Hyde amendment that respects that there is a significant portion of our population that does not want their tax money spent on what they see as murder so there should be similar respect for this also.

    • The suicide rate within the gender correction community is higher than the general population too. If we teach that you were you born a monkey but you are in the wrong body…then that will become accepted too.

  6. So what you’re saying is, of all the rules God insists people follow in the Old Testament, all the sins Jesus saves you from, the part you’re really concerned about is gender nonconformity?

    What you get wrong about the “homosexual agenda” isn’t that it’s trying to turn your kids gay or trans, it’s that it’s trying to teach your kids not to bully those kids, or to even (God forbid) accept them as friends. And if your kids do happen to be gay or trans, maybe they won’t want to run away from home or kill themselves because of your shallow definition of who should count as a valid human being.

  7. Interesting that our nation decries theocracy in the Middle East, but Jason Passmore would establish it here at home. What is next? Stoning someone for wearing garments with mixed fabrics? Executing a person for not honoring his parents?

    Beware of theocracy; it’s a very slippery slope.

        • There are many people who now claim that being sexually attracted to a relative IS a sexual orientation. And they even have a scientific name for it…GSA….Genetic Sexual Orientation. Guess we can come up with nice, non-threatening terms for anything nowadays to make it sound more appealing…

          So when does the LGBTQ get to start having this indoctrination at story time in the library?

          • “Many” people, when few have never even heard of it. How do you know so much about it – experience?

          • Living amongst Moron: There used to be a time when “many” Psychologist had never thought of listing homosexuality as normal, but now where are we…..

          • And then society evolved. It’s funny how that works. The world and our existence is constantly in perpetual motion. We do not stagnate or regress.

          • Living amongst Morons: If you are teaching your children that its for them to think they are trapped in man/womans body, or a family unit consists of two partners that can’t even produce children, or its ok for little Suzzie to marry her brother little Johnny…I think thats regressing….

          • I am teaching my children to have an open mind in things that they do not understand. I teach my children that the definition of a “family unit” does not have definite parameters. I teach my children that they should have a mind of their own. I teach my children that they do not have to agree with how their parents feel about religion, politics, or sexuality. I teach them that I will still love them if they are Hetero, Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transsexual, or Queer. I teach them that I will love them through good times and bad, struggles and celebrations, decisions that are difficult and those that cause joy. I teach them to love and surround themselves with good caring people that think of others and forget about those that are selfish and in this world only for themselves. I teach my children to look to the future, evolve, and make differences in their lifetime.

            Many of these things I teach my children are no doubt foreign to you as your parents most likely didn’t have the where-with-all to even know it was important. Evolve.

          • Living amongst Morons: Well, I guess teaching them incest is ok with you then. Each his own…

          • Teaching them that such a thing is out there and being done? Of course. Teaching the effects of such a relationship. Sure. Allowing them to make their own decision at that point. Absolutely.