Former worker charged with arson and burglary at Tyrone cement firm


Tyrone police on June 18 arrested a Hampton man and former employee of a cement company for the June 16 burglary and arson fire at the site on Shamrock Industrial Boulevard.

Brandon Graham, 24, of Hampton, was charged with three counts of burglary and three counts of second degree arson in the June 16 burglary and arson fire at the National Cement Company in Tyrone, according to Tyrone Police Department spokesman Philip Nelson.

Nelson said Graham was a former employee at the facility.

The June 16 fire at National Cement Company on Shamrock Industrial Boulevard was reported at approximately 10 a.m. after an employee noticed smoke coming from one of the buildings, said Tyrone Police Chief Randy Mundy.

Mundy said two of the buildings had been forcibly entered, with a cement saw stolen from one building and a small fire started in both.

There were no injuries and little damage as a result of the incident, Mundy said.

Noting the comments of the Fayette County Fire Department, Mundy said a fire had been started on a window in one building, while the only thing that caught fire in the other building was a box of printer paper.