Leftists’ outrage misses my points


Consider this a response to “Rebuttal to a clueless rebuttal” (Wed., Dec 5) as well as the letter “Hate crimes should alarm us all, whether left or right” (The Citizen, Dec. 5).

Neither of those letters addressed the bulk of my original letter “Rebutting ‘clueless 21 year old’” (The Citizen, Nov. 28) which I wrote after reading the letter written by a 21-year-old UGA student, “Blame the Republicans for political violence “ (The Citizen, Nov. 14).

Most of my letter had challenged each of his points in which he blamed President Trump and Republicans for the political violence, most committed by the left. I referred to the young man as “clueless and spoiled” but I have since rethought it.

He is not clueless but very clued in by people on the left from whom he’s received his talking points and marching orders. As for the “spoiled,” I now find him ungrateful.

It’s appalling that after being afforded the privilege of living all or part of his life in an affluent, safe community such as Peachtree City and graduating from the highly-rated Whitewater High School thanks to the taxpayers of Fayette County, he had the gall to write an inflammatory letter slamming the mostly conservative citizens here.

I recently watched an interview with Victor David Hanson, a Senior Fellow in classics and military history at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution in which he said, “Kids these days are coming out of colleges and universities indoctrinated and arrogant.” I rest my case.

In the letter by Brooks Pfeifer, it appears that he was incensed that I “launched into a heated assault against a young man.” Would that be the same young man who blamed every Republican for the woes of the country and informed us that “political violence will be a consistent feature of our fragile democracy“ until the right cries “uncle”?

For heaven’s sake, you might think that I had berated a kindergartner! Or called the young man deplorable. And while the Red Mercedes Lady’s behavior that you wrote about last summer (and mentioned again in your recent letter) was unacceptable, it in no way compares to myself standing up for conservatives.

As to your questioning how my father would feel about my letter, he’d be very proud that I’m standing up for all Americans’ right to law and order, respect for publicly-elected officials, the police, the military, and ICE, our Judeo-Christian principles, our country’s border, and our national anthem. They are ALL under attack by the left.

As I had said in my own letter, my father had to fend off the Japanese with a machine gun. I’m just sitting here with my pen. But it’s a battle just the same.

Perhaps Brooks, you should ask the parents of Seamus Murrock how they feel about their son condemning every Republican in Fayette County and beyond.

Now, about those 1st Amendment rights you mentioned … you know it goes both ways. When a 21-year-old leftist blames Republicans for violence, claims Trump’s victory was not legitimate, defends attempts to destroy a Supreme Court nominee’s reputation, and threatens that political violence will continue, then I have every right to exercise MY 1st Amendment rights and give it back. Apparently, the left can dish it out but they can’t take it.

One other thing to you, Brooks, you’ll be relieved to know that I never pursued a career in education but have been happily and successfully employed in another profession for almost 45 years. Hope that makes you sleep better at night.

To Carolyn Browning, I’m not sure how my letter invoked so much rage in you since the worst thing I said was “clueless and spoiled” but suddenly you were ranting about Nazi flags, shootings, and hate crimes. In the words of Brooks Pfeifer, “Yikes”!

In any case, to Seamus, Brooks, and Carolyn, thank you for writing those letters. Please write more and get your friends on the left to write, too, because letters such as those along with all the left-wing violence and illegal immigration nonsense are going to hand Donald Trump the 2020 election on a silver platter.

Linda Marlene Conley
Tyrone, Ga.


  1. Poor Linda – The appropriate response is, “I’m sorry. I erred in making an ad hominem attack on the young student because it distracted from (actually erased) my intended argument.” How hard is that? It certainly requires far fewer words.