Costco goes head to head with Sam’s Club at Fischer’s Crossing


Kaiser Permanente to develop medical facility in same area — 

Costco will soon begin the construction of its newest location, at Fischer Crossing in east Coweta County approximately one mile from Peachtree City. With opening set for August 2019, the large northeast corner of Ga. Highway 34 and Fischer Road will also feature a Kaiser Permanente development.

Coweta County Community Development Assistant Director Angela White on Nov. 20 said the Costco warehouse store will be situated along Fischer Road across from the north side of the Sam’s Club, and will total 156,805 sq. ft. She said Costco is expected to open in August 2019.

By way of comparison, the Sam’s Club store directly across Fischer Road totals 136,000 sq. ft. and was, when it opened in early 2011, the largest Sam’s Club in the Southeast.

Originally expected to be an all-retail area, Fischer Crossing will now combine commercial with medical office.

White said Coweta County has been advised by the developer that a contract has been signed with healthcare provider Kaiser Permanente to have a facility on the northeast side of Fischer Crossing. The building, or buildings, will be located south of Costco, nearer the intersection of Fischer Road and Hwy. 34.

Kaiser currently has a limited local presence, with a small medical office on Newnan Crossing Bypass in Newnan and another on Banks Road and Ga. Highway 85 North in Fayetteville.

Also available on the northeast corner of Fischer Crossing and extending east along highways 34/54 to NCG Cinemas, are approximately six outparcel lots, White said.

A recent proposal denied by the Coweta County Commission included a 55+ residential development that included a 4-story independent living building, a 2-story assisted living building and a single-story memory care building. That property is located along Fischer Road immediately north of the Costco site.

Long zoned by Coweta County as a major commercial area, the first commercial offerings at Fischer Crossing were NCG Cinemas and Sam’s Club. Several other businesses have opened in outparcel locations adjacent to Sam’s Club on the northwest corner of the intersection of Hwy. 34 and Fischer Road.

Until the Costco announcement earlier this year, the only developments on the large northeast corner were NCG and a Wendy’s restaurant.

Much has been made in recent years, especially on the political front, about the Fischer Crossing development in east Coweta County and what impact it might have on Peachtree City or Fayette County. Local jurisdictions, traffic concerns and tax revenues notwithstanding, there is more to the story.

The lines tend to blur as so many residents of both counties work, shop, dine, attend church, access healthcare or visit friends where they choose, in one county or the other.