Yes, Democrats, you do want to ‘steal’ our guns


A rather poor choice of words by Sean Bennett, especially with as many concealed weapons permits held by the law-abiding citizens of Fayette County.

And you do want to raise our taxes. You need to listen to your own party’s rhetoric, unless using that tried and true technique of “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor” or “your healthcare premiums will go down by an average of $2,400.”

It’s a shame the ‘blue wave’ in Chicago doesn’t allow the law-abiding citizens to protect themselves and their families. Chicago celebrated the Memorial Day weekend by having to memorialize 14 more murder victims. Since the war in Afghanistan began there have been more murders in Chicago than troops giving their lives in that war that we paid tribute to last week.

The “blue wave” ignores the blood bath in Chicago, but after any horrible school shooting, Democrats come out screaming for our guns as if all the social ills of our kids and especially those kids with mental illness could be simply cured by taking everyone’s guns rather than dealing with the difficult issues of failing schools, lack of discipline both at home and in the schools, lax law enforcement for trouble kids, and the growing disappearance of the moral compass in our children.

“Blue Wave” fits nicely on a bumper sticker like most liberal policies and their liberal vision makes them feel better about themselves, but they have no incentive to accept the consequences of their actions when people are sacrificed on the implementation of said visions. Those policies may sound great in the faculty lounge of any liberal university but they don’t suffer the inevitable carnage those enacted visions inflict in the real world.

Let’s scratch the surface of that “blue wave” and see how it worked in reality. It’s predicted that Los Angeles will have a disease epidemic this summer from the growing homeless population, unsanitary conditions, rampant drug use, and infected needles littering the sidewalks.

Just up the road in San Francisco, you can download an app that has the locations of the greatest concentration of human waste on the streets so you can avoid those areas.

Up the road a little further to Seattle where the imposition of minimum wage laws have destroyed entry level jobs unskilled kids need to develop the work ethic required to succeed but haven’t reached a level of productivity commensurate with the higher wages. Read Jason Riley’s book “Please Stop Helping Us” or any of the numerous books by Thomas Sowell on economics and culture.

Over to Boston, the birth place of the Revolution that started us on the road to nationhood, where a year or so ago I witnessed Hemp Fest on the Common with a rap band blaring out the ‘N’ word throughout their so-called music to thousands of kids but nobody cared as the only sirens heard were from ambulances hauling off drug-addled kids who could openly buy drugs for a “donation” of $10-$20.

Just a couple of weeks ago in that same Boston with my daughter walking down streets lined with homeless not far from the Freedom Trail and having to walk around the “yellow wave” a man was leaving around his feet as he relieved himself against a building.

Seeing the same problem in NYC, the city filthier than I have ever seen it since the Democrat mayor took power. The “blue wave” city of Washington, D.C., where if you walk three blocks away from the nation’s capitol buildings you would think you’re in a third world country.

Down to Atlanta, a city being run into the ground, MARTA tens of millions of dollars in the red and now Fayette County tax payers are going to be paying for that with the new tax regions. Almost every night it’s a rogue’s gallery of crime on the local news which we saw migrated to our county and headlined in this paper, three men sentenced for the murder of one of our county neighbors.

To here in Fayette County, when the “blue wave” couldn’t get what they wanted at the ballot box and pulled the race card by bringing in the NAACP and sued every citizen of this county for racism because there were no black neighbors on the county school board or county Board of Commissioners.

When the likes of Virgil Fludd and others were asked just exactly what policy in this county can only be presented by a black neighbor or by a white neighbor for that matter, they had no answer. But a spineless federal judge was able to bully the equally spineless School Board and the majority of the Board of Commissioners to jury-rig the county to have a majority black district.

When the elections were held, who got elected to the School Board? Leonard Presberg, a nice guy, but the last time I saw him he was white and one of the most liberal Democrats on the planet, which is what the “blue wave” wanted all along.

It had nothing to do with race and the “blue wave” knew it but everything to do with getting Democrats elected and they would stoop to pull the race card to do it. Absolutely despicable.

Is that the message you want to send our kids in Fayette County, when the going gets tough pull the race card? To paraphrase Dr. King, it had nothing to do with the color of your skin but everything to do with the content of your character and in this case the content of your message.

We have an inspired Constitution which requires an educated, moral public to function effectively. We need a school board dedicated to enlightening the minds of our children with the knowledge and values that has produced the greatest nation on earth and the accurate history of how we were able to do it.

We need a community with strong families and churches to improve the character of our children. We need a strong Board of Commissioners dedicated to fairness and free market economics which has brought more people out of poverty than any other system mankind has conceived and destroyed the myth of the last administration that less than 2 percent GDP is the new norm.

And that, neighbors is found in conservative policies. The “blue wave” will inevitably leave a sea of “red ink.”

Dennis D. Benson
Captain, U.S. Navy (Ret.)
Peachtree City, Ga.